Recipe – Slow Cooker – pea and ham soup

This is SUCH a delicious soup, please try it once if never again!  In the slow cooker too, double win.


  • Small smoked gammon joint.
  • 2 peeled potatoes.
  • 2 large white onions.
  • 3 cloves garlic.
  • 1kg frozen garden peas.
  • Water


Put the garlic, onions, peas, raw potato and gammon in to the Slow Cooker.  Put the potatoes and gammon in first, unlike me!
Pour in enough water to cover the gammon 1/2 way – more if you like thinner, less if you prefer a thicker soup.
Cook on high setting for 4 hours or low for 8.
Remove the gammon and trim off any fat before shredding with two forks.
Blitz the soup into the consistency you prefer and put the shredded gammon back in, combine.
Season to taste serve in a soup bowl with a little of the shredded gammon to garnish.

To make a less healthier version, add cream at blending and a little cream to drizzle before adding the gammon garnish but the truth be told, I really don’t think it needs it.

Bashful Beef Stew recipe – slow cooker / crockpot one pot

Bashful Beef Stew

Serves 4-6 people
I cook this in a cast iron pot in the simmering oven of the Aga which is the same as the Slow Cooker.  I do not brown the meat as we love it just as it is, but feel free to before you put it in the slow cooker.


500 – 750g diced beef
2 carrots
1/4 turnip
3 medium potatos
1 onion
1 leek 
1 parsnip
Beef gravy Granules


This recipe is nice and easy and perfect for busy lives and when you’re short on time.
Chop the vegetables up on to bite size chunks, one thing I love about this recipe is that it is literally one pot 
Layer everything in the slow cooker, starting with the longest to cook on the bottom, so beef, potatoes, turnip, carrots, onion/leek/parsnip
Make enough gravy to cover the contents of the slow cooker and pour it over.
Switch the slow cooker on and leave it for 6 – 8 hours on low.
Trust me, it’s delicious!  
Some people prefer to brown the beef and not use gravy granules, which is also fine.  This is just what works for me when I’m working full time and also running the smallholding.

Enjoy 🙂

Comforting Chicken stock/bone broth – recipe slow cooker

Comforting Chicken stock/bone broth

Link to my YouTube video which includes how I make chicken stock

Makes as much stock as you add liquid. 
This is a guide, use what you have in and that you like.  Adapt and be flexible, it’ll turn out great regardless!  
Point to note, the healthier life your chicken has had, the healthier your bone broth/stock will be for you.
The addition of ginger is recommended to help with immunity (my opinion only!).
1 chicken carcass, all odds, sods and last bits of meat included.
2 onions or leek
3 sticks celery
2/3 carrots
1/4 turnip/swede
Lots of garlic cloves
Root ginger, thumb size or so
1 tsp black peppercorns
1 tsp whole cloves
Herbs such as thyme, mixed herbs
Bay leaves

Don’t be precious about this.  
Bung it all in, you can even afford the skin on the onions, it’s up to you.
Roughly chop the rest of your veg and put in the SC with the carcass.
Garlic I bash and thrown in.  
Ginger I cut up or bash to release the flavours and throw it in.
I don’t measure the peppercorns, cloves or herbs but feel free to.
Cover with as much water as it needs to have everything submerged, season with salt if you use it, I do.
Leave it on low overnight or for 6-8 hours and then once cooled, strain it through a colander then a sieve.  The liquid is your stock which you can freeze or pop in the fridge for a few days.  Use it whenever recipes as for stock and it is so nice!

Enjoy 🙂

Slow Cooker Fantastic Frittata – recipe

Fantastic Frittata (Slow Cooker)

Makes 1 large frittata, serves a family of 4 with sides. 
8-10 eggs (I use 8 as I use duck eggs)
1 cup of either milk/cream/water or a combination
Any ingredients you like such as
Cooked bacon/chorizio
Vegetables (I like peppers and spinach)
Cheese (1 cup ish – we use cheddar)
Salt and Pepper

Butter your slow cooker
Beat the eggs and add the liquid, mix together.
Pop everything in the slow cooker and stir
Leave with the lid on low for up to 5 hours or adjust for your slow cooker.

Enjoy 🙂 

Trying new things

Part of the journey we’re on is learning to cook more things from scratch.  Now I already make things from scratch but when I sat and thought about it properly (usually when I am in the shower!) I realised there is a lot more to do.  I already knew this, I just hadn’t actively thought about it.
Not only is it making things from scratch but finding new, hopefully cheaper ways of doing things.
So last night saw me trial out homemade garlic bread.  It turned out very nice, even it meant we were later than normal eating supper.

Grace thought it best to get a photo for the blog
I also put a couple of potatoes in the slow cooker, wrapped in foil, ready for Ste’s packed lunch today.  he said they tasted fine but looked awful as their skin had taken on a discoloured, dark tinge.  As long as they taste ok in my book, that’s fine 🙂

On writing this, I realise I’ve not tagged anything as slow cooker before.  Now that’s something I need to rectify as the slow cooker (or indeed simmering over) should be my friend given that I work full time and run this place…