Time to move

Remember the chicks we hatched 7 weeks ago? Well they are ready to move outside now. We have had them off the heat lamp during the day for a couple of days and then we switched it off over night too. So Saturday night saw us move them in to their newly penned off area in Chickenville. This morning I opened their coop and they all had a peek outside and decided to stay indoors for a few hours. Eventually, they plucked up enough courage to venture out of the coop and soon were coming and going although they wanted to spend most of their time inside still.
The rescue girls are doing well. Every day sees them venturing further,  developing a  personality and gaining in confidence. One of them, Miss Marple, is as bold as brass. She comes over and feeds from out hands and pecks away at our boots without even flinching when we move.
Steven’s been working super hard taking the latest lot of trees down from the copse. The wood pile is building up nicely and combined with the coal we have bought, should see us nice and snug through winter 2016.
This weekend we haven’t had much time to ourselves but the time we did have was well spent in the vegetable plot. The strawberry plot is coming on nicely. These may look quite close together but they are measured out at the recommended distance and if we need to, we can thin them out. The broad beans and peas that I sowed a few weeks back are finally started to look like real plants growing through. I have some in the greenhouse which are a few weeks ahead of them and look fabulous.
This coming week will see us both at work as usual and the forecast is dire from Tuesday so hopefully we can make the most of tomorrow evening. Although the kids are back to school so they will probably be tired tomorrow night.
Grocery wise we should have enough in to see us through to pay day on 25th as per the plan.
One thing I would really like to concentrate on this week is taking in lunches to work again as I have got out of the habit of it.

Quackers, hens and Big Red.

Meet our latest additions. Our gorgeous girls and a boy, ducks. We know very little about them to be fair but they will hopefully have a happy life with us and in return we might get the odd duck egg or two. We better! Ste made the duck house from wood we found lying around and bits we had to buy. I am seriously impressed with it.
Also we have our new girls who are rescue hens. 12 of them believed to be around 18 months old who first saw daylight the day we picked them up. At 18 months they are deemed past their working life by the big production  companies and were on their way to slaughter. So hopefully these 12 will have happy lives with us too. These girls are being kept separately from the original flock and will only be kept for their eggs, not for meat. We have had 11 of 12 eggs today.
Another addition was Big Red, our new cockrel. He is stunning tho isn’t used to going away on a night so that left Ste and I changing him round with a make shift net tonight and I can honestly say I haven’t seen anything funnier this year!
Finally we have 6 chicks that hatched overnight and during today too and we hope to get more tonight.
What a fantastic weekend.