Comforting Chicken stock/bone broth – recipe slow cooker

Comforting Chicken stock/bone broth

Link to my YouTube video which includes how I make chicken stock

Makes as much stock as you add liquid. 
This is a guide, use what you have in and that you like.  Adapt and be flexible, it’ll turn out great regardless!  
Point to note, the healthier life your chicken has had, the healthier your bone broth/stock will be for you.
The addition of ginger is recommended to help with immunity (my opinion only!).
1 chicken carcass, all odds, sods and last bits of meat included.
2 onions or leek
3 sticks celery
2/3 carrots
1/4 turnip/swede
Lots of garlic cloves
Root ginger, thumb size or so
1 tsp black peppercorns
1 tsp whole cloves
Herbs such as thyme, mixed herbs
Bay leaves

Don’t be precious about this.  
Bung it all in, you can even afford the skin on the onions, it’s up to you.
Roughly chop the rest of your veg and put in the SC with the carcass.
Garlic I bash and thrown in.  
Ginger I cut up or bash to release the flavours and throw it in.
I don’t measure the peppercorns, cloves or herbs but feel free to.
Cover with as much water as it needs to have everything submerged, season with salt if you use it, I do.
Leave it on low overnight or for 6-8 hours and then once cooled, strain it through a colander then a sieve.  The liquid is your stock which you can freeze or pop in the fridge for a few days.  Use it whenever recipes as for stock and it is so nice!

Enjoy 🙂

Happy 6 month Anniversary to us

A comment on one of my posts a week or two ago from Frugal in Essex said she hoped that our lives at the smallholding were everything we hoped they would be.  Combined with something my husband said the other day, and having lived in our house 6 months to the day, I thought it would be a good time to reflect.

It’s an easy post really.
I have never in my life been more fulfilled, content and happier than I am right now, living in our dream house, on our dream smallholding with my amazing family.  I can honestly say that every day something makes me smile, even if it’s for a split second….  Walking back towards the house from the field looking at how cosy and welcoming it looks or locking the geese away on a night, seeing the plants grow from the seeds I nervously planted, riding out with my daughter on our ‘own’ bridle ways, standing with my husband amongst the hens discussing the next venture, watching my son run around the garden chasing his football and stopping to chat with the geese, warming the children’s clothes on the Aga, looking at the hundred-year-old beams in the kitchen wondering who else looked at them or sat on the window seat in Spring watching the horses graze, I truly, truly appreciate every single one of these moments. 
Yes the kids bicker, yes I lose my temper (wish I didn’t), yes I feel rushed sometimes, yes there are days when I am totally unorganised and none of the ideas I hoped to achieve seem within reach, but even with any of those things, you couldn’t get a more content person that me right now. 

Right now, being forever.

New tack / storage room

My gorgeous husband has outdone himself again. He’s managed to put a new tack room up over the last 2 days. This means all the stuff I have, my worldly horsey belongings, now have a home.  At the moment they are stacked around the barn in a fashion that means I never know where anything is.  Thank you. It’s the best valentine’s gift ever.
Staying on horsey news, sorry for any non horsey people, we managed to get them all in the field for a little while over the weekend. This is a big deal for us and is a huge step forward. I’m really pleased we paid to get the fence done instead of trying to tackle that one ourselves. Great job on the fence too by a firm in Durham.
This afternoon I spent an hour with my daughter planting the next lot of seeds. We have put in more tomatoes including the beefsteak which I am really hoping make it, aubergine, onion seeds, more cauliflower, mint and chives. I’ll then take the advice of notjustgreenfingers and Caroline from thehousehoarder and plant them in pots so they don’t become unruly. Thanks guys.
We have also candled the eggs that are in the incubator and we think we’re on for 15 of the 18. 3 were duds and went the distance. They are due on Saturday and I can’t wait for their arrival.
The geese have settled in magnificantly and merrily wander around the smallholding all day. They love their water, which at the moment is a kids paddling pool and they happily chat along to each other all day. We are still not sure if they are the boy and 2 girls we asked for but they are lovely all the same.  I love this life :).