My time off

I cannot believe it is Wednesday evening already! If I was at work this week, it’d probably still be Monday morning! The old saying does say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. I need to catch up on everyone’s blogs and I will do that later tonight as we’re off to Crook now to collect some equipment for Ste’s gym and seen as though I don’t need to go to bed early, I can stay up reading blogs
We’ve been a bit of a first aid place these last few days. An old hen of ours lost her balance somehow, I think the cockrel knocked her over. Then she couldn’t get up and the whole flock attacked her. Thankfully we were fixing a fence in the coop at the time and Steven stopped it. We segregated her as I thought she wouldn’t make the night, but she did, so she’s back in with the flock now.
Also Ryan has a poorly leg or foot. He won’t put it down. I’ve thoroughly inspected it and can’t find anything obviously wrong.  We’ll treat him like the duck when she went lame and hopefully it’ll sort itself over the next few weeks.
The kids and I have been on some lovely lazy walks, had some brilliant rides out, had family over for tea, friends visiting and generally doing what we want when we want. The animals have all been spoilt and the veg plot is having the day spent on it tomorrow. A couple of the beds are ready to empty and either cover up or plant winter goods.
The farmers are very busy with their harvest buy not too busy to discuss our smallholdings latest addition. The 2 of them will be joining us in 2 weeks time, or there abouts. Once they’re weaned. No doubt that’s enough for everyone to guess what they are 🙂 but if not. Pics soon!
I’m going to take lots of photos of the veg plot tomorrow along with the orchard. Fir now here’s some close ups of the sloe bush and berries plus a few extras to keep the blog up to date. Hope everyone is having a lovely few days of sun like we are here.

Winter ailments and roaring fires

My daughter wasn’t well this morning which is very unlike her and ended up staying home from school. By lunch time she was a lot better. The photo I took first thing this morning when I realised that in full health or when we feel poorly, we all gravitate towards the Aga.
Then tonight whilst working for an hour and waiting for tesco to arrive we were sat in front of a roaring fire, something I do love about this time of year.