Wet and windy weekend

Well we haven’t had a weekend like this for a while. The sky is at best a murky grey and at worst resembling the depths of night time. We’re dashing out between downpours to feed the animals. The horses are inside a barn so I am dry when I am working with them however yesterday was soaked and filthy from putting them in and out of the field and taking their rugs on and off. The ducks and geese aren’t bothered by the weather of course!
Friday night we braved the cold (but thankfully not wet) to go to Sunderland illuminations. It took us around 40 minutes to get there and we then used a park and ride to take us into the main event. It was a pleasant evening but bitterly cold as it is by the coast. The kids enjoyed themselves and we headed home. A late night for the kids means they would be tired Saturday.
Before we left on Friday I checked the sheep who was poorly. She had a really runny tummy, I’ll spare you the photos. I cleaned the muck off the ground just in case it was diseased and it means I can keep an eye on new ones to see if they are runny. On Saturday we picked up some coarse mix feed for them and she came over and ate it which is a great sign. She seems so much better so let’s keep our fingers crossed for her.
The place we got the lamb/ewe mix from sells chicken and horse feed too, so I am pleased we’ve found somewhere else in case our current supplier is closed or whatever. The sheep were happy under the tree (puzzle tree?) staying out of the bad weather.
Jack and I took the puppies out for a walk when there was a break in the weather and coming back we saw the most stunning rainbow. Typically, and very unusually,  I did not have my phone so when we got back I ran in and got it, dashed back out and got a few pics as it was starting to fade. Here’s a photo of Jack in front of the house too, for a nice memory for us both. It really was beautiful and so vivid.
Also our Vorwerk hens totally free range and of all the places to lay an egg, she chose to do it on top of the empty bedding bags!
In the picture of the ponies in the field, you can just make out the brave chickens wandering in and out of their legs. Brave? Or stupid? I’ll let them decide 🙂

Heating went on and plans for the weekend.

This week has been peculiar.  Not necessarily in a bad way, but having the Halloween party Monday, then the kids had school discos on Tuesday meaning we didn’t get home until late, then Wednesday was the first night the clock change affected us as by the time we get home from school, it’s drawing in meaning we have limited time to get the horses out and do jobs that need daylight.  It won’t be long and we’ll have to do things by torchlight.  However it is lovely to have the daylight back on a morning.  I can’t believe how much more I notice these things now that we live here.  The weather and environment play such a big role on a smallholding.
The temperature dropped to 2C overnight earlier this week meaning that I put the heating on, to come on for a bit on a morning and when the kids are taking a bath at night.  Takes the chill off.

I have a sheep with a bad tummy to look after and a goose to be dispatched this weekend.  We’re also going to a local farmer’s auction as I’m after a tiller/rotivator, another incubator if there’s any on offer and whatever else they may have that would cost a fortune elsewhere.  My parents are coming to visit tomorrow night and we may have a little bonfire going for Guy Fawkes night that we can sit around and enjoy, but no fireworks obviously.  I’ll pick a few sparklers up for the kids so they can enjoy that safely and we’ll roast some marshmallows after our homemade curry that my Dad’s made.  Then Sunday we have some people coming for load of muck.  We’re invited out to lunch on Sunday so that will mean I don’t have to make Sunday lunch and clean up the kitchen afterwards – I’m not complaining.  I do love a Sunday lunch, time spent round the kitchen table with family, catching up, taking time out, looking at each other.  That’s sounds strange to say that but I think life sometimes ends up in a whirlwind, where we might be together but it’s the quality time together that’s the key.  You can’t beat a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding (google if you haven’t heard of them) dinner with bright green peas, carrots, cauliflower and roast potatoes!

What’s people’s thoughts on the traditional Sunday lunch, do you have a roast every week, or once in a while, or not bother at all?