Back to basics

I seem to have lost all ability to stay on top of the washing, ironing, getting tea out of the freezer, housework and anything else remotely associated with being a good mum, wife, daughter and so on.
I have never been one for too much tidying although I do appreciate it when  it’s done. Life is for living and most of the time the balance is just about ok. Not this last week though. I think it’s partially down to the lighter nights as we’re outside so late thay I come in, do my work that I have to do (5 hours evening work a week from home Tues, Wed and Thurs in total) Then shower and bed. Some nights I battle to have a shower as I am so tired truth be told! Then of course I am tired the next morning so getting up as early as I need to is a pain in the rear. On a morning there is just me as Steven is out to work before we get up (I get up at 6) so I have the animals to let out, skip out, feed etc etc (this morning I had to put a very smug looking pony back in the field he should have been in) Then breakfast, kids ready and school run starts at 7.30.
I don’t watch TV during those nights now as I don’t get to sit down to and it doesn’t bother me one bit. What does bother me is feeling completely behind in everything this week. The washing is piled high, ironing is a mountain and the house looks very untidy. I really didn’t want this to happen in this house as I had so many hopes and aspirations of how I would be able to manage it. The kids help with things like recycle and tidy their rooms (hah!) And Steven is out working on essentials outside the whole time he is home so it’s not easy. I prefer to be outside at the moment, I am happy out there. It’s amazing. I think I just need to devote a bit more time to the house. In the January when we moved in I did somehow but again, the weather didn’t make me want to go outside and it was dark by 4pm!
Bit of a rant tonight, sorry! I find it always helps to get things down on paper. I should be in bed but I’m waiting for the washing machine to finish as I didn’t put it on in time 😕
Soon be Friday!

Need to get organised again

I seem to have got out of sync with myself. I do this every so often. I feel like I am forgetting things and generally not on top of everything but rather chasing my tail and marginally scraping through.
This month I have an important exam, one which I have already failed once and need to make sure that I don’t fail again. So what better time to get organised? 
On a normal school day Ste is out to work early doors so it is just the kids and I. We obviously have the animals to do and ourselves to get ready. I don’t,  though should, prepare tea for the night. Maybe I need to do this the night before?
It is this kind of thinking that I need to put in place, listing all jobs out per day, so that I can focus on what’s to be done.
Further examples are washing work wear timely so it isn’t a last minute panic, make packed lunches the night before, washing my hair on a night as I can never find the will to on a morning, empty the bin instead of trying to see how full it gets before it splits! Not to mention cleaning, it jist doesnt happen. The list goes on.
So fellow bloggers. What organising tips do you have? How do you manage to stay on top?