Open for business

This afternoon has been a ‘doing’ afternoon for my husband.  He has fenced off the copse of what appear to be previously unloved trees and put two brand new wooden chicken coops in there.  The girls have all been transferred to their new homes and the sign that he made last night is up above their entrance gate. 
So Chickenville is officially open for business.  Girls, start laying!
So that means the shed they were in up until now is free for something else…..which arrives tomorrow night.

Moving week! 4 sleeps to go….

Happy Monday!

Moving week is here finally!

This week sees the work start with solicitors and vendors again.  We’re waiting to hear where we will be collecting the keys from and if everything is going smoothly with solicitors/lenders, so fingers crossed there.

All being well we should get the keys just after lunch on Friday and be making a cup of tea by 3pm!  Having said that, with the amount of things we have to shift, I don’t think there will be time for tea!

Hopefully we will have everything moved in by Friday night, Saturday lunch time at the latest, all depending what time we get the keys and make it to the farm.

Saturday and Sunday will see lots of visitors of family and friends combined with trying to put fences up for the puppies (our older dog won’t wander off) and making the hen house safe.  Hopefully our girls should be back with us shortly after moving in. 

We plan on getting a few fertilised eggs when they become available, a few chickens and some geese.  We will then continue to breed them through the year.  The boys will mostly become Sunday lunch and the girls will be kept mostly as layers.

Pigs and possibly sheep will follow and again we are hoping if we give them a good life, they will give us a good freezer stock.

All animals and “plants” that we bring in will be for a purpose.  By that, I mean they will need to feed us or help support feeding us.  The horses however are an exception!  They are purely for our pleasure :D.  We have 4 coming with us.  Not all are ours but we are lucky enough to have a friend bring hers too.

The horses stables are arriving on Tuesday as is their bedding and the hay is coming on the Thursday.  I can’t stop myself getting excited but until everything is completed on Friday, I need to keep a lid on it!