Thank you Steven

The other day Kev over on An English Homestead was talking about the wooden items he’d made for Christmas.  They were fabulous and in telling him so, I commented that my husband makes things out of wood, in his own style.  I’ve posted before about the room he built in the barn which he made into his gym, the raised beds he is in the middle of doing, the fences that he’s put up single handily, the chicken brooders, pens, duck house and sheds that he’s put together by the beg, stealing or borrowing (ok not stealing), the signs that he created when we built Chickenville, the egg holder when our hens started producing, the fireplace that we were quoted hundreds of pounds for that he made for £16 from 2nd hand wood, the tack room and many other thing. 
On the same day Kev was posted about his latest wooden goings on, Steven walked in from his garage workshop with this little beauty. 

I think we too may be moving in to making our own Christmas presents, although I wouldn’t want to wrap this.  How fabulous.  It has pride of place in the kitchen.  The sign on the front was bought for me by my Mum for Christmas…I have no ideas why ;). 
I do love seeing the creativity of people to help sustain their lives, for whatever reason and it whatever manner. 
Brilliant 🙂
Pics below of a few of the items I’ve mentioned.  It was only supposed to be a short post but I got carried away – so as the title says, thank you Steven, you’ve done us proud in our first year xx

Egg holder
Brooder in garage, we quickly upgraded.

Field fence done
Gym during planning phase

Gym after
Growing pen (ignore the vorwerks!)

Tack room
First fence that went up
Before fire place

Duck house framework….reclaimed
Duck house
The weather today remains milder than you would expect for January.  4.8C in the barn this morning and a bright, dry day all round.  The cold is coming though!

Card making and one sleep left!!!!

One sleep to go!!  I am desperately trying to keep myself busy so I don’t drive myself potty.

One thing I do want to do when we move to the new place is to make my own cards, for a variety of reasons.  Firstly, I love crafting and being creative but I barely have had time to do it on 2015, let alone been organised enough to even if I have had the time.  Secondly, it makes me think about the event and it actually means something to me, so whatever is wrote in the card, is from me, not from a mass produced card making factory.  Thirdly, it may not work out cheaper in the long run, but I will do this with my daughter and son, and the time spent with them enjoying a common interest, will be priceless.  I don’t think for a minute that everyone I send the cards to would prefer hand made over factory printed, I know some people are not overly impressed with a jar of home made produce as a gift for example, but it will be made and sent with love and that’s all that matters.

I plan to do this for close family and friends for all special occasions.  The first one is January 22nd when it is my truly good friend’s birthday, closely followed by my daughter’s 9th birthday in February.  I have already decided on what card I’d like to make for my friend.  I’ll post pics when I get the items and start making it.

DD’s birthday in February is being planned and of course, will be a little get together at home, our new home!