December birthday and raspberry vodka

Sounds like a good combination right ūüôā

It was my birthday yesterday and also my long day at work, however it was great fun.¬† I heard from people I’ve not spoken to for a while, saw my family, was lucky to receive gifts and got to taste my raspberry vodka which we started off in summer.¬† Oh man, it was lovely.¬† I’ve been having a few drinks through December to celebrate and feel festive with friends when they visit etc and now I have this, we’re taking a bottle next door with us to celebrate Christmas Day Night with our lovely neighbours.¬† It’ll be the perfect end to the day when I get to chill after a hectic day no doubt.

So in true Tracy style, I was given a greenhouse heater and 2 huge propagators and a thermometer for min/max and current temperatures from Steven, along with some long socks, a bottle of Baileys and other items.  How lucky am I?

I also got a personalised notebook which I just love, that I am going to use to record all of next years info around eggs, veg seeds sown, grown and harvested (weights etc, thanks Dawn!).  My lovely parents got me a new coat to do my smallholding jobs in Winter, for which this weather is far too warm to wear it yet, so I am wanting a bit more winter weather please.  I got a Bake Off apron and £60 cash which has been spent on something for the smallholding that I will do another post on.
Hugely exciting too – the farmer has confirmed the litter of piglets which we’re getting ours from is due 2nd Feb so we will take them once they are ready.¬† In between now and then, I need to learn all about caring for them (already done a lot) and Steven is going to get their shelter/ark sorted.
Later in the year we are hoping to get goats too but that pending what Mother goat delivers in the Spring.¬† More on that once it’s firmed up.
Ooh and Christmas is still firmly underway, home made cards have been made and the kids put SO much effort in to them.¬† They were gratefully received which I was super happy about.¬† We didn’t manage to do all the cards as homemade, I didn’t realise how long they will take.¬† That’s ok though.
Did you know, apparently, Boxing Day is the time to sow onion seeds traditionally.¬† Don’t ask me who’s traditions or in what country, but that’s what I was told!¬†
Plans for the weekend?¬† I’m going to put some winter lettuce in my propagators this weekend.¬† We also need to get the Christmas meat sorted – a goose and duck from the smallholding will be dispatched this weekend.¬† They have had a wonderful life and this is what they were raised for.¬† We know what they have eaten and have been with them from cradle to grave.¬† Next year I am hoping for all home raised and grown produce as the main Christmas lunch.¬† There are a million and one other things on the list, which I’ll post as I get round to them,¬† In the mean time I leave you with how my work place was decorated for me!¬†
Where I work – a lovely lady always makes us feel special.