Trying new things

Part of the journey we’re on is learning to cook more things from scratch.  Now I already make things from scratch but when I sat and thought about it properly (usually when I am in the shower!) I realised there is a lot more to do.  I already knew this, I just hadn’t actively thought about it.
Not only is it making things from scratch but finding new, hopefully cheaper ways of doing things.
So last night saw me trial out homemade garlic bread.  It turned out very nice, even it meant we were later than normal eating supper.

Grace thought it best to get a photo for the blog
I also put a couple of potatoes in the slow cooker, wrapped in foil, ready for Ste’s packed lunch today.  he said they tasted fine but looked awful as their skin had taken on a discoloured, dark tinge.  As long as they taste ok in my book, that’s fine 🙂

On writing this, I realise I’ve not tagged anything as slow cooker before.  Now that’s something I need to rectify as the slow cooker (or indeed simmering over) should be my friend given that I work full time and run this place…