Slow Cooker Fantastic Frittata – recipe

Fantastic Frittata (Slow Cooker)

Makes 1 large frittata, serves a family of 4 with sides. 
8-10 eggs (I use 8 as I use duck eggs)
1 cup of either milk/cream/water or a combination
Any ingredients you like such as
Cooked bacon/chorizio
Vegetables (I like peppers and spinach)
Cheese (1 cup ish – we use cheddar)
Salt and Pepper

Butter your slow cooker
Beat the eggs and add the liquid, mix together.
Pop everything in the slow cooker and stir
Leave with the lid on low for up to 5 hours or adjust for your slow cooker.

Enjoy 🙂 

Party plans amongst other things

I don’t know if I am imagining it but I think I can already see the difference in the fields from the rain.  I’m hoping for some sun after the downpours we’ve had and then maybe everything will have a growth burst.  The greenhouse has been firmly shut up to keep the heat in for the last day or two, opposed to the previous week when the doors were flung open along with every vent I could find as things were struggling in the intense heat.  Ah the lovely British weather.  I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Now speaking of the greenhouse, the tomatoes are thriving since I planted them in my well-rotted muck from my lovely horses.  However something else is growing in there too.  Mushrooms!  Lots of white rubbery ones and some tall skinny grey ones.  I said to Grace, my daughter who is 9, that I wonder if we can eat them.  Of course she looked horrified but I will find out and Steven and I will have them if they are edible.  I won’t give the kids them in case I get it wrong, but also they both hate the texture of mushrooms.

We are throwing a big party in a little over a week and I’ve been preparing like mad in between everything else.  I’m going to try and make a few homemade items in addition to the shop bought (sauces etc) to give people a literal taste of what we’re all about.  I was thinking about the following.  Breads – Onion bread, Sun dried tomato bread, Apple Cider bread and a seed bread.  Now granted, these will be made in the bread maker, but all the ingredients will be fresh and there’s obviously no dreaded e numbers in there.  As I will need to make a couple in advance, does anyone have any experience which of these breads might freeze better?

Asparagus is something else we have in abundance, so I am going to make an asparagus quiche as we have a couple of vegetarians.  Is there any other sides or BBQ food that would be doable with asparagus?

Rhubarb – the rhubarb and ginger jam that I made is happily sat in in the pantry waiting patiently to be put to good use.  I *may* use some in the sponge cake I am going to make for Jack’s birthday cake but I need to give that some thought as I’ve never used the flavour jam in cake before.  However for the BBQ if I have enough rhubarb and have time, I may do a rhubarb chutney. 

Eggs.  I’ll also do some hard boiled hen and duck eggs (if the ducks start laying again by then as the ducklings only just hatched) but I don’t think the geese are going to grace us with their eggs any more this year.  If they do I will hard boil some of those too, as I’d like to show the different eggs we have on offer here.

I’m also making frittatas to chop into small squares and serve as nibbles to pick up with a cocktail stick.  We’ve had comments off rude people before about frittatas being pauper food, so I am going to make it stand out and hold its own. 

Now I think that’s all we have edible ready at the moment and reading back, I’m really pleased with it! 

When we’re back from holiday our cockerels will be almost ready to eat so that will be our next test.  I’m not sure I am ready to be there for the slaughter, which I know I should as it’s not fair on Steven to do it on his own, but I will happily take its feathers off and watch as he gets it ready for the oven.  I will do a Sunday lunch for family and we can all have a feast to celebrate him having a happy, healthy life and in return us having a happy, family meal.

Speaking of meat, we have 6 ducklings in total now.  Isn’t that fabulous?  We have learnt from the goose mistake and have secured their water area so that they should be able to get in and out safely.  They may find it hard to get in and out of their house, so we will keep an eye on that and make any changes they need.  As much as I love the ducklings, I can’t help but let my mind wander to what sauce goes best with duck.  Come the winter, we should be getting a nice freezer full of meat (the boys) and some extra eggs from the girls once they’re old enough.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend everyone 🙂

Happy new chucks…

The new chickens seem to be settling in and this morning they were all perched together, bar one who always sleeps on the floor anyway.

They had to stay in for the remainder of the day as they are still getting used to where their bed is.  However once we got home we thought we’d try them out of the shed which they loved.  A little nervous but very inquisitive, they were soon exploring with the other 6, our 6 old faithfuls.  We were given 2 eggs as a thank you.

This evening after doing the horses, we got stuck into planting some seeds which are now in the greenhouse.  The tomatoes came in the house though for a bit more warmth.  It’s all trial and error for us.  We’ve never really grew anything before so wish us look.  The camera ran out before I managed to take a few snaps of the seeds.

I quickly charged it in the house to show you the frittata I cooked for tomorrow’s lunch boxes.  They are so simple to make and amazingly tasty.  This one had left over ham, cheese, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and onions in it.  Started on the simmering plate then once the eggs had started to firm slightly I popped it in to the roasting oven for 5 minutes.  Delicious!

Also, we’re expecting 3 new family members on Friday.  Sshhhh, don’t tell anyone yet.