Windfall chuntney with the first apples of the year

Tonight I’ve made ‘windfall apple chutney’ using the first lot of apples we collected from the ground.  The kids did all of the collecting and I’m very pleased with them.  It was a cheap chutney to make which is right up there on my priority list!  It says it doesn’t need to mature like the other chutney’s but I’ll leave some to.  Apparently it tastes best with a good cheddar and some homemade bread.  There’s that word again!  So that’s my plan, it’d be rude not to!  Here is the link if anyone is interested in making their own.  It’ll be the first of many recipes for me using the food for free which we have in the garden and surrounding areas.

Chutney bubbling away on the Aga
Steven was finishing the roof on his new gym room and instead of buying the pieces he needed we took a trip to a local farmer friend.  He had a mountain of wood in one of his side fields and said we could take what we wanted. 

So the roof of the new room in the barn is now on and complete.  I spotted a couple of panels that will do just nicely for either a duck/chicken run or to create a new muck heap (we try to keep it as neat and tidy as possible so we don’t have mounds out in the open given that we don’t have lots and lots of space) so we took them too.  He didn’t want any cash for it all (would have cost us a fortune to buy at a timber yard) but he did have an interest in hens.  So we’re going back in a few weeks with 3 laying hens in exchange for another couple of boards which he said we could take.  I love that we can buy thing without money changing hands.
There’s also a factory right near him that we can get some fence panels (they are extra-long pallet panels which look like fences to us) off him which we’re going to set aside for the pigs – a 2017 task but we’ll have them whilst they are there.

Normal service resumed

Thank you to everyone who took time out to comment on my last post. I feel like I have made huge strides this weekend despite not doing anything major. So without further ado, let’s get back to normal but with the addition of incorporating some if your lovely ideas into my daily and weekly routines. Routine and planning seems to be the key. More to follow on this.
I don’t think I posted about out latest Freeby. A wheely bin with a tap on the bottom of it. We have hooked it up to the rain flow off the greenhouse and tonight I started using this harvested rain water to water the greenhouse. Simple and effective and best of all free. Especially as we’re on a water metre here.
Tomorrow we will purchase our next round of chicken feed but it won’t cost us a penny. They have literally paid for themselves in eggs. How fabulous! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Monday and happy new week!!