Comfrey tea started and harvests continue

I took the onions up today that the kids put in end of last year. They could have stayed in longer but some had bolted and the rest are more than big enough. They’re drying out and the decent ones will hang in the barn and the ones which started to go to seed will be chopped and frozen ready to use as needed straight from the freezer. Jack was with my whilst I was digging them up, doing his reading homework bless him. He had to weight the pages down with stones as it was a bit blustery!

Our neighbour grows a few things and she said she had too many pepper plants and could I make any use from them, of course! They are young but will hopefully come on in the greenhouse where I will give them bigger pots.

We had a harvesting session on Saturday, black currants, raspberries and strawberries. The raspberries went straight into vodka which is nice and quick but we were pushed for time this weekend so the rest went in the freezer. I’ll process them when I have more time.

We had a metal water tank in the greenhouse which was not rigged up so I decided to move it outside and create a comfrey tea container. I cut a load of comfrey, weighted it down and filled it with water. I’ll leave it for a few weeks then use it to water the tomatoes etc. Natures free feed!

I also harvested some chamomile and herbs which I’ll do more on tomorrow on Monday night preserves.

This weekend has gone by too quickly and I feel like I’ve not got much done, but sometimes that happens to all of us. The weather is looking promising this week so I will try and get some bit and pieces done on a night.

A mixed up day.

Today was a strange old day. I took my daughter to an appointment at the hospital (nothing to worry about) and collected Buddy’s tablets on the way back as the old vets is over by the hospital which is now a 30 minute drive away so always best to combine to 2. Then I worked the rest of the day. Once that was done the kids and I took the younger dogs for a nice walk out. I got a bit carried away with the pictures, so I thought I’d share them with you. We then came home to find out we’d been sent a request to look after someone’s duck. Well to keep it actually. For some reason they thought a single duck would make a good house pet and now, 2 weeks on, we have it. It’s 3 weeks old and I’m not even convinced it’s a duck at this stage. We shall see.
The poorly duck of ours has gone back in with her family and isn’t any worse, but she isn’t better either. She’s still laying, eating and drinking though. We did however lose a chick this morning. It was one that we aren’t surprised about. It wasn’t 100% when it was born. Sad indeed but it does happen.
Enjoy the photos 🙂
Brambles growing outside my gate
No idea what the flowers are but they are pretty
These are the sloe bushes I found.  Still green but there’s lots.
Full view of sloe bush
I believe these are mustard seeds
Rosehip?  They’re quite big and oval ish shaped up to now 
there was a hare sat minding it’s own business in the distance
just us and the fields.
For as far as the eye can see
These are my Buff Orpington girls and Henry. 

Monday’s post that didn’t post !

12 sleeps until my 2 weeks off begin, well 11 but I have to be in work on the Friday so it doesn’t officially start until Friday 3pm.  I can’t wait!


4 weekends have now past since I announced we wouldn’t be having any more takeaways and I am super pleased to be able to say, we haven’t!  We have had a meal or 2 out at a local pub however I don’t see this as a problem.  For me, that’s getting out into the community and supporting local businesses.  Although buying a take away is supporting a local business, I don’t think the food is generally very healthy and it’s certainly not good for the grocery budget.  Whilst we’ve had a day or 2 off work, we’ve enjoyed being able to get out and about together.  Sunday night was a tester for me though, I was tired from the weekend and didn’t fancy making a Sunday lunch, so I did homemade (there’s that word again Louise!) pizza instead and it was delicious.  I made the tomato base from the greenhouse tomatoes that were ready and I haven’t tasted a tomato sauce so lovely before.  Next year I want to grow even more so that I can fill the freezer up with it for all year round “go to” tomato base.

On Friday we all had the day off together that we hoped for and took the kids to a theme park for the day.  They had so much fun and made the most of it.  We managed to get a discount voucher so it wasn’t too hard hitting, though those places aren’t cheap!

We sold 2 of our top grade chickens over the weekend, they’re only 15 weeks old so not laying yet.  It was a pair, boy and a girl and the family seemed nice so off they went giving us £25 in our pocket towards the next lot of feed.  I’m sad to say that one of our female ducks was attacked by our geese on Thursday and she’s still limping however they’ve had another go at her, so I’m bringing her inside into the dog crate for some TLC.  I’ll post an update on her soon.   She doesn’t look too good.

Both Saturday and Sunday we had family over visiting for one reason and another.  It’s nice that people take the time to visit us, as we rarely have spare time to visit others but we do try as it shouldn’t always be on them.

I also found 3 cherry trees that I didn’t know we had!  The black ones are laden however they are so high up and out on a limb that I couldn’t pick them all.  We’ll figure out a way to get them though.  For now I have half a tub waiting to be weighed and turned into something delicious.  I’ve also got lots of the white currants stripped off the bush and I am going to make jelly from them to go with meats.  I also discovered a huge supply of sloe bushes when I was out riding, there are a ridiculous amount, so I hope we like them!  There’s bramble bushes a plenty too all along the bridle routes (which, selfishly, I’ve not seen anyone else use).  Our pantry will be overflowing with goodies and I hopefully have the start of the Christmas hampers.  Cherry brandy is apparently a real treat, so I’ll get a few small bottles to decant them into if I make some.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about the free food I keep finding!

I’ve also got some late season purple sprouting broccoli to put in.  It may be too late but we’re behind people here anyway, so I’ll give it a go and put some in asap.  I’m right in the middle of sorting one of the fields, so I will try and spend at least an hour in each area a few nights this week.  I am realising how much I really need to look after the small fields we have otherwise they will be no good in a very short space of time.  So taking out the horses muck is a daily task now.

I managed to get the raspberry vodka made too, it was very easy and I hope it tastes as delicious as it looks.

Finally, I am pleased to say I learnt how to use the manual lawnmower at the weekend.  So now I can crack on and get that done instead of adding it to Steven’s shoulders.