Elderberry wine

A big part of what I wanted to achieve and sustain when we moved here was to start to incorporate living off the land into our lives. Steven has been busy pressing apples for cider and I’ll update on that shortly, however the other day I finally got round to getting the Elderberry wine ready. By ready I mean sat in a demi John fermenting. So after gathering the elderberries last week, I weighed 2 kilo and gave them a bit of a press with a masher then popped them in a sterilised bucket with some water as per Hugh FW’s recipe and left them a few days. Then I made a sugar syrup and added orange and lemon juice and zest, yeast and got it all ready for the demi John.  So now it is busy fermenting away making us the most glorious (I’m keeping positive) wine. Apparently if you can, you should wait 5 years. Can’t see that happening. We’ll make it each year and then there will be a continuous supply. Having said that I rarely drink lately, so it’ll probably come out at Christmas etc. Not this one though! Happy Friday everyone.