Halloween 2016 round ours

We spent a lovely Halloween with neighbours and family.  We invited our only neighbours round, there’s one family from over the fields and the other 2 lots live close to us.  My lovely parents came too.  I cooked for everyone and those who wanted a drink brought some booze and nibbles.  I made pea soup (witches brew), Thai pumpkin soup (seasonal of course), pumpkin and chickpea curry, chilli con carne, sausages (20 glazed, 20 plain) with jacket potatoes and a wholegrain mustard mayo, plus a whole host of breads, salad and sides.  It went down a storm and I will be doing the sausage glaze and soups again.  I’ve yet to try the curry and I wasn’t overly fussed on the chilli, even though everyone else loved it.  The kids ate all of the plain sausages as expected.  Steven painted faces (adults too!), he has a fantastic creative side.  I made sure everyone was fed and watered and I took great pleasure in looking round our kitchen, warmed by the Aga, decorated in Halloween items and knowing that friends and family seemed to be really enjoying themselves in our “new” home.  It really does feel such a cosy, welcoming house.  So our first Halloween was a very happy one.  It’s an excuse to get together if nothing else…..as Steven did point out that we didn’t used to celebrate Halloween in the previous house haha!
Here’s some pics which we’d love to share with you.


The front of our house (which we never ever use normally!)


Trying to be a serious vampire

Matching spiders.  3 generations, me, mum & Grace

We also had some potentially very exciting news which we’re hoping to know more on soon….watch this space J