I thought I better post something to let you know we haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, though at times it’s felt like it.  Over the last few weeks to month or so we have been in a state of turmoil with the sale of our house.  The buyer’s mortgage had a condition on it meaning they needed an extra report completing on our house.  After lots of sleepless nights, upset and general stress we have finally heard from our buyer that they are now ready to proceed.  Finally!!  We are over the moon!

So now the packing in earnest begins.  We’re moving everything from the top of the house to the bottom, specifically the dining room.  It’s hard to know what to pack and how – it has been a while since we last moved!  As I’m packing the boxes, my mind if drifting off to what meals we can cook in the farm house kitchen and how we will get on using the Aga.

Hopefully the Christmas decorations will be going straight up if we move in this side of Christmas!  Saves on the dusting anyway :).

The farmhouse we hope to get

Let me tell you a little about the house.  It’s set on a country lane and is the last house on the left (there is a horror movie called that I think).  There are only 3 houses on the lane so it is very private and listening to traffic drive by will be a thing of the past.  Any cars will either be visiting us or lost!  This is great news for hacking the horses out and about the beautiful English countryside.

Speaking of horses, a big thumbs up for this house is the bridleways that surround it.  Literally two metres from the entrance gates you have the start of a bridleway.  At the end of the country lane and across a B road, you have the start of another one.  They both lead to many different routes, so much so you could do a different one each day of the week.  I couldn’t ask for more! 

The house itself is five big bedrooms, more than we ever imagined we’d get and has a huge farmhouse kitchen with the previously mentioned Aga J  The back kitchen window looks out on to what will be a small turnout paddock for the horses and further behind that is the main field which is around 2 acres give or take.  It dosn’t have as much land as the first house we looked at, but with good paddock management combined with lots of hacking and indoor stables, it’s more than enough for us.  The house itself is a lot nicer looking than the first house we offered on.  Doesn’t it look pretty?

Hopefully our new house.
Of course it isn’t ours yet, so all of this is still a dream.  It’s a darn good dream to have though. 

House number 2!

What a stressful time moving is turning out to be!  I use moving in the loosest of terms as we’re not moving anywhere just yet!  The first farmhouse has fell through as the valuation on it came back at 25k less than we’d offered to pay and the owner wouldn’t budge at all.  So we walked away.  The house was fabulous and the land was everything we wanted and more, but we wouldn’t pay more than it was worth.  There is too much to do to it to bring it up a decent standard of living and we’d be behind before we started financially, should we ever have had to sell it!

So we quickly set about looking for a new house and viewed four in one weekend.  Each viewing takes up to 1.5 hours depending on how much land comes with it, how big the house is, what outbuildings there are and so on.  We really loved the third farmhouse we viewed that weekend.

After much discussion we put an offer in which was rejected, as was our subsequent offer.  A day or two went by and we waited for them to come back and change their minds.  They didn’t.  I had a growing feeling that we were making a mistake by not upping our offer as the house is perfect and the land is pretty near perfect too.  We could afford the asking price but nobody pays the asking price these days, right?

Well after much to-ing and fro-ing, we settled on a figure which was 10k below the asking price and showed at least a small amount of flexibility from the owner.  That was Thursday 17th September 2015! 

Since then we have sat through the mortgage application again, updated the solicitors, took a hit in the form of a £95 fee for work done on the one that fell through, been asked to move out by end of September and had a whole bunch of paperwork sent through, processed and returned.  Of course we can’t move out by the end of September. 

Where do we stand as of today?  Well the valuation is being completed on Wednesday 7th October and then hopefully the mortgage should be issued shortly after that without any hiccups.  The searches have already been issued and should be back in line with the mortgage being issued.  We’re waiting on the property information form from the people who we are buying from.  That will make for interesting reading.

I’m tentatively hoping for 26th November at the latest but wishing for a lot sooner.

Did I mention it has an Aga?