Quick pre weekend update – dining room progress

I think the fact that it is a full working week next week is giving me a false sense of security as I normally have some time off before Christmas but due to the way it’s fallen this year, on a weekend, I keep getting a slight shiver of panic that I need to be all done by a week today and have no time off before hand.  So this weekend I will be getting the gifts wrapped and set to one side. 

We’re in the middle of getting the dining room finished in time for Christmas.  We didn’t want to do any inside jobs in the Summer so left it until Autumn but with one thing and another it’s only getting finished now.  The plasterer completed the walls last week and my lovely Dad helped out by painting it this week.  Normally Ste does everything but December is a crazy busy month in the butchers and we just weren’t going to fit it in, so we asked for help.  It looks great, just a plain colour – such a bright sunny room.  Somehow we managed to get a roll end of carpet and arrange for fitting for tomorrow.  Don’t ask me how but it involved lots of traipsing round and the air was blue by the end.  The guy is fitting it at some point tomorrow, then tomorrow night will be spent getting the tree up in there, the table and chairs in for the big day, the mantle decorated and start to dress the table for Christmas.

My Mam is giving us her dinner service, some of which was her Mam’s, so we will be using that for Christmas which is just lovely.  It will then be stored in the empty display cabinet that we have. 

Sunday will see the goose and duck being prepared and a trial of the frozen red cabbage.  Along with a million and one other things that I need to list out and put in order of what to do first.

Sorry no photos today but expect photo overload after the weekend 🙂

Quicky supper

It’s been a non stop kind of week. I find you get those cycles where life flies by and you don’t get time to do anything. So tonight, as I only had myself and Steven to feed I made tortellini soup. It’s so quick, easy and tasty that it’s a must on my quick supper list.
Recipe as follows:
2 carrots and 1 onion sweated (roughly chopped is my preference but you could grate )
Add 1 tin tomatoes and 1l veg stock with some frozen peas and cook for 5 mins. Then add 1 pack spinach and ricotta tortellini and cook for 5 mins more. Voila. Sprinkle grated cheese over to serve.
It is so tasty with crusty bread and amazingly filling. So now I am putting the kids to bed,  doing all the animals and sitting down for a well earned rest to watch a movie with Steven. It’s Friday eve after all.
I forgot to get an in between picture 🙂 oops.