RIP Buddy 2003 – 2017

It was time for Buddy to leave us last night.
He will never, ever be forgotten.  Not in the least that he could tell if the dishwasher was open when he was in the other room (Labradors and leftover food anyone?), he was loving and loyal, he would make time for a cuddle no matter what else was going on, he was our protector and a part of our lives for the last 14 years.
It hurts like hell, but he is at peace now and has left us with memories that would overflow any memory jar.

Polytunnel success

This weekend we were very busy with family joining us on Saturday evening and friends on Sunday.  We had to fit in all of the usual jobs plus put the polytunnel up too.  So Saturday we set to work.  I did the usual horses and house jobs then joined Ste with the polytunnel.  He started putting the frame together in the barn.  The weather wasn’t very kind on Saturday but he soldiered on.  I was asked to hold this, lift that and straighten the other.  In no time at all we had the frame up.


Buddy helped out where he could making sure he checked the bucket’s didn’t have anything worth eating in them and having the odd drink or 2.

Ryan supervised the whole situation.

Day 2 saw the cover go on.  This is where it started to get tricky.  It was very tight and I can see the zips ripping in no time.  We managed it though and as it has a 12 month guarantee I’ll be sure to keep that in case I need to get a new one.

Then being amazing, Ste knocked up a couple of raised beds and attached them to the frame that’s there (this is how we put the PT up, this is not what’s in the manual).  The weight of that wood will not let that frame go anywhere.  We also dug a trench around the polytunnel and buried the cover in it. 

He then laid the slabs we had stored and they dictated the width of the path.  Lots of rotted muck went in and it was finished. 

All in all I am really pleased.  I think it looks great and it’s ready to provide us some food in the coming year.

In between holding and lifting, I sowed some seeds, clipped off some of the strawberries that I’d taken from runners and forgotten about and gave some of the veg plot a tidy up, giving the chickens their treats too.

I also finally got my potatoes chitting. 

Just Buddy

My name’s Buddy and I’ve just got back from the vets with my Mum.  I have to go every 6 months to have a check up.  This time it was a new practice at a vets near our new house.  I hate going to the vet.  Mum knows this and puts a muzzle on me to stop me nipping anyone if I get too annoyed or anxious.  She makes sure she spends as little time as possible in there with me as she knows I worry.
Tonight was a new vet, he was really kind.  He called me handsome and gave me a cuddle.  I didn’t growl at him, so I think Mum was pleased.
He told her I was borrowing time off someone.  I haven’t borrowed anything so I don’t know what he’s talking about.  They started talking so I got bored and just waited by the door. 
He did say that I was looking a bit stiff.  I’m pleased he said this as he’s told Mum to increase my tablets.  I hate taking them, but they do make me feel better.  She started tonight as soon as we walked through the door.  She doesn’t have much patience when something like that has to be done, she likes to get started straight away.
The 2 puppies are pestering me at the minute as I have a little cut on my back which they are trying to lick better.  So Mum’s made them stay away whilst it heals, to stop any infection getting in.  I hope it clears up soon, the vet wasn’t worried though, so I am not.  I have my family around me who love me loads, so that’s enough to make anything feel better,
I’m going to try and find out who’s time I am borrowing as the vet didn’t tell me.  Mum seemed to know though.
Thanks for reading.
Love, Buddy xx

Picnics and harvests

Today we decided to walk to a local village along the Public Footpaths.  It’s about a 40 minute walk and the sleepy village has the River Skerne running through it.  It’s actually the river that runs along the bottom of our field.  There’s a lovely green area next to the river and the railway line, so we took a picnic for lunch and enjoyed some family time relaxing by the river and eating some treats for lunch.  We thoroughly enjoyed it as did the dogs.  We could only take the 2 younger ones as Buddy can’t go far these days.  It does make me laugh when I wonder what people will make of us, turning up in jodhpurs, gardening clothes and mucky faces from the morning’s jobs.  They will soon find out if they speak to us they won’t find a more down to earth family, but I do think our “work clothes” would stop a lot of people doing that 🙂
My beautiful daughter and a tired Rodney
You can see that smile too, right?
Jack was mightily impressed that he found a sticker which he was sure would lead to treasure!

Rodney enjoying the walk

 When we got back it was time to get on with some more jobs.  Grace had rode both ponies on the morning and had put the jump back down to jump the dogs over them to have some fun whilst she was waiting for me.  There’s a large tree and part of it had come down whilst we were out walking.  It was super windy, but I’m glad it didn’t come down whilst she was riding!

I harvested lots of yummy food from the veg plot to have for Sunday lunch.

I couldn’t resist taking this, such a pretty sight or am I cracking up?

Dwarf beans, lovely!

Purple podded peas and late picked broad beans

 Whilst tea was cooking, it was time to make sure Buddy got a walk out too.  He doesn’t go on a lead now, ever.  It was part of what I wanted when we moved away from a main road.  He doesn’t go far and isn’t the fast dog that he used to be.  The lane in the background is literally outside our gates.  We’re so lucky to be able to open the gates and let him have a wander.  Grace makes sure he’s safe and I’m sure he keeps an eye on her too 😉  Both under my watch of course.

I always like to look for the silver lining and today’s wind brought lots of windfall apples!  SO you can guess what recipes I am looking for tomorrow.  1 full bucket and 1 1/3 full.  I think they are all cookers.


Today’s eggs haul

This is my first attempt at plaiting onions  Maybe they needed longer to dry out but I couldn’t wait.
Last of the year’s rhubarb

Oooh and 4 sleeps left until my last day, 5 until I’m waking up off work!