Beautiful Banana Bread – recipe

Beautiful Banana Bread

Makes 1 small loaf/cake
2 mashed bananas (over ripe ideally)
100g butter
100g sugar (caster if you have it)
140g SR flour
1 tbsp baking powder
2 eggs
Optional extras – choc chips or chocolate spread

Cream butter and sugar
Mash your bananas and add in to butter/sugar mix
Add flour, baking powder and fold in
Add eggs and mix in

At this point, giving it a good mix, I add it to the cake tin and either bake like this or I stir through chocolate chips or chocolate spread and bake for up to 40 minutes at 180 or so.

Enjoy 🙂

Goose egg lemon drizzle cake

We are off together for the weekend and Easter Monday. It’s been lovely to have some time together even if the weather seems to be against us. It’s been raining and wild with the wind so we haven’t managed to get too much done outside though yesterday the kids and i managed to go for a lovely walk.
The horses were done first thing today and they got an hour out each before the rain hit.
We had to pop to the shops as we are decorating our first room and need some wall lights. We didn’t find any lights we liked but we did get some strawberry plants, 2 rhubarb plants and another raspberry stick. So I was quietly pleased despite meaning we still need to go out to find some blasted wall lights we like.
Instead of being outside, which is always our first preference, I did some baking. I made a lemon drizzle cake using one goose egg and 1 hens egg. Oh my it is fantastic. Now it might just be Mary Berry’s recipe, but I like to think it was the goose egg that made it the nicest lemon drizzle cake I have ever made (also the only ;)) I also made a mackerel pate type thing which was a hugh fearnley whittingstall recipe and it was nice but Ste thought it was just glorified tuna! I have a simnel cake in the Aga now which says 5 to 10 hours in Mary Berry’s book so I shall see how it turns out after 5 hours. I don’t fancy staying up until midnight to wait for the 10.
Tomorrow I am making Easter lunch for my family and in a few weeks we will do it for Ste’s side. It’d be too many in one go. Fingers crossed it turns out ok! Happy Easter all.

Banana cake

I read about banana cake over on Sue’s blog, a year without. I have been wanting to try it since and only just got round to it tonight. It was super easy to make and smells divine. I will be trying it tomorrow.