Loving the January feeling

All too often, I hear people saying how miserable January is, it’s ages until pay day, nothing to do on dark nights, bored etc etc. I don’t fall into that category any more. I am not sure I ever did. For me, in my new life, it’s all about planning and getting organised for the coming weeks, months and years.
Over Christmas and New Year, we have had family and friends over, visited with them but ultimately loved being here in our new home. Our first Christmas here was everything and more that I hoped it would be.
Thoughts now turn to what we can get done this year. As usual my head is full to the brim with ideas and things to try.  Sometimes the ideas don’t make it to pen and paper quick enough and I lose them for a while, so if anything, this year I shall try to do better there. That is not a new year resolution by the way 😉.
Rather than start off with a long list now, I am going to do individual posts. Today is my last day off work, so I have put the kids to bed and am off to spend it with my husband before the organised chaos of the working week is resumed.
The weather is due to turn cold again here. I do enjoy a cold spell, no rain though, can’t be done with rain.
Here’s to 2017 – let’s see what we can make of this one!