Our Story

In 2015, we decided to put our street house up for sale with the vision of moving to our dream home. As cliché at that sounds, we knew exactly what that meant for us and we were determined to get it.

There was no way we would be able to afford to give up working full time, nor was waiting until we had saved up enough money to buy somewhere outright an option for us.

We viewed around 5 houses and were almost complete on a semi rural farmhouse…when it all fell through.

I was devastated. Steven assured me it was meant to be.

I kept the faith and we viewed another few properties.

Then we visited our smallholding. We knew from the second we walked in the front door that THIS was our forever home and it hasn’t disappointed.

We moved here January 15, 2016 and Tracy started blogging on our adventures. We will never move away from this lifestyle, this was the best choice we have ever made.

In November 2020 we have some exciting news. We have made some big decisions to overpay our mortgage and take the next step to self reliance and self sufficiency. And here we are now…

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