Our Farmhouse Kitchen Table

Hi everyone
Please join me over on the Farmhouse Kitchen Table blog for meal plans, recipes and more household related posts.  I will still cover some items on Our Smallholding Adventure’s blog, I just didn’t want it turning in to a food blog over a smallholding blog.
Please take a look using the buttons below.  I would be very thankful for your support.  Take care, Tracy x

2 thoughts on “Our Farmhouse Kitchen Table

  1. There are only the 2 of us – we have a paddock and have considered growing our own veg but as we have a business (engineering) we haven't got regular hours so we support a local organic vegetable scheme – once a week (Friday) we get a carrier of lovely vegetables. On a Saturday (today) we have our \”night in\” and it's always a roast with the lovely vegetables. The roast lasts 2 meal times – sometimes 3. I do a shepherds pie and we have this with the vegetables so they last us the week. Any left over veg goes into a soup. We have hens so get our own eggs – if we have a glut I grate some cheese, add 2 eggs , worcester sauce and mustard and spread over the potato and any root veg topping – awesome.


  2. Thank you for this. Great ideas which I will be remembering! We're still finding our feet and it will be a long time yet before we're harvesting our own veg. However in the mean time we're getting eggs from the new chucks and I've made my own bread. I need to see where the local farm shops are, if any?


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