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A gentle start to January

We are quietly embracing January, welcoming it with open arms and understanding that we are to continue to make use of the darker evenings to reflect and plan. The candles are lit early in the evening, bringing with them a cosiness to welcome whoever visits the kitchen. Meals are lovingly prepared using pantry staples and […]

2022 – Back to basics

Back to basics is the theme I realised was a perfect fit for our 2022. As I lay there, unable to sleep, pondering lots of different topics that inevitably pop in to your head when you’re trying to sleep, it dawned on me that after everything we have all been through over the last 2 […]

Post covid reality check – back to it meal plan

The 4 of us have have recently recovered from the dreaded covid. Timely, as after 18 months of working from home I am expected back in to the office 4 days a week from tomorrow. The last week or so has been a combination of shaking off the last symptoms of covid and getting ready […]

The fear of frost

If you have done any gardening, I don’t need to explain this one do I? You know exactly where I am coming from….or is it just me that has to dash outside in her nightwear to cover up plants as it suddenly “feels cold”? Well, I got caught out. The fear of frost is real. […]

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