A gentle start to January

We are quietly embracing January, welcoming it with open arms and understanding that we are to continue to make use of the darker evenings to reflect and plan. The candles are lit early in the evening, bringing with them a cosiness to welcome whoever visits the kitchen.

Meals are lovingly prepared using pantry staples and canned goods, supplemented with whatever can be harvested from the garden. Something that I am in awe of year on year is the abundance of crops we can still bring to the kitchen table during the colder, darker months. I sometimes reflect on how this pace of life suits me more, there is something to harvest daily should you wish but it doesn’t come in quicker than you can deal with it.

Winter gives more time to meal planning, comforting stews and soups inevitably place highly on the menu plan which I am completing weekly right now. Sitting down with a lists of what needs using, produce available from the garden and items in the freezer and pantry, I’ll ask the family if there are any meals they would like to see feature that week and I start pulling it all together. Every week I will write out on the board what meals we are having to save everyone asking. They still do though 😉

I still have the luxury of working from home, so I am enjoying that whilst it lasts. So far, the back to basics theme that we started out with is working out very well. The pace will up, I have no doubt, but January and February should be used to “plug in” and recharge, take care of yourself, reflect and plan. In our house anyway.

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