2022 – Back to basics

Back to basics is the theme I realised was a perfect fit for our 2022. As I lay there, unable to sleep, pondering lots of different topics that inevitably pop in to your head when you’re trying to sleep, it dawned on me that after everything we have all been through over the last 2 years or so, we have all been tried and tested and we WILL come out the other side. Our mental and physical health may have been tested, maybe even suffered a little so we need to take extra good care of ourselves in the coming months and year. For me, that means not putting too much on myself or my family, nourishing what we have and trying to live a more simple life.

Steven and I have had our own challenges in 2021, as I am sure you can relate to in your own lives and no doubt 2022 will throw a few curveballs in too. For me personally, I want to take control again and really start mindful, slow living, getting back to basics. Find the simpler way of doing things and that goes for how I think about things too, not just how we go about it.

Only growing what we will use, not setting ourselves up to fail, managing our animals and raising our food, using the whole bird and appreciating the little things. Conscious, intentional spending and not a penny on wasted commercial items is the order of the day.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be spending on things, it simply means only getting what we will make use of and add value (not monetary). I would love for you to join me to see what the year brings and tell me about your adventures too.

I would like to cook from the smallholding as much as possible whilst also educating myself on ingredients I might not have used before.

If you are more of a visual person or would just like to see the video diaries we have, you can find us on YouTube too.

Take care and all the best for a bountiful 2022

Tracy x

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