Post covid reality check – back to it meal plan

The 4 of us have have recently recovered from the dreaded covid. Timely, as after 18 months of working from home I am expected back in to the office 4 days a week from tomorrow. The last week or so has been a combination of shaking off the last symptoms of covid and getting ready for the next chapter.

I’ve put together a meal plan for the coming week which revolves around the slow cooker as we are also in the middle of getting the kitchen done! I literally have no counter tops other than the island in the middle of the kitchen. The garden beckons and I have the seasonal garlic and onions to be planting which I will probably do next weekend (mid October). In the meantime, I’ll check in with some short and sweet blog posts which help me stay organised. Something I cannot claim to have been over the last 18 months as I haven’t really needed to be which explains the quietness 🙂

Recipes, smallholding updates and kitchen shenanigans to follow. Take care all and it’s good to be back 🙂

One thought on “Post covid reality check – back to it meal plan

  1. Hi..o no hun i hope that the effects of the virus pass quickly. Glad you feel better. We had an unexpected crop this week so its already been worked into my meal plan. Our kitchen redo was chaos and i did buy another slow cooker for puddings..tremendous help.
    take care

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