A no spend January?

Welcome to February folks! The last month that I identify as full on Winter. The days are lengthening in light and if you look closely, you might just see a spring in people’s step. Just a hint of a skip every now and then, we don’t want to commit too much yet, but it’s on its way. A month where gardener’s can start to sow those early seeds, snowdrops are happily dancing their merry tune and yet there is plenty of time for more hearty stews and soups. There’s plenty of mileage in the comfort food yet.

For me, January is a month to plan, reflect, recharge and be kind to yourself. I don’t know why, but I seem to have felt the cold in in my bones a lot more this Winter.

We have enjoyed hot food from the Aga and cosy nights by the log burner fire. We also have an oil heated electric radiator that we move around the house as needed, so we have our ways of keeping warm.

January went by in a flash. If January goes by that quickly, then imagine how the rest of the year will go. So for me, I am sitting back, planning ahead and reflecting on what we have.

We haven’t been to the supermarket once through January. Our supplies have had their preliminary test and I am not to panic when I see things being used. It’s a natural reaction after spending so long building them up. Some things we have a very good supply of, dried goods, tinned tomatoes and baked beans are examples whereas others were to see us through the month of January and into February alone. Our milk, butter and cheese was frozen at the back end of December and we’re just using our last bottle of semi skimmed fresh milk. We do have UHT which we like, so that’s being pulled off the shelves for this week.

We will have managed 8 weeks without shopping, when I go this coming weekend, which I am very pleased with. We have ran out of some things and I have developed some interesting substitutions. Think rhubarb syrup in your chinese instead of honey with soy sauce. No one noticed which I’m not sure is a compliment or not!

So we move in to February. Enjoy the quieter days whilst you have them as soon enough, Spring will be wakening and the days will be buzzing with life and I don’t know about you, but I will be left wondering how I can squeeze a few more hours in to my day as they just aren’t long enough, in a good way 😉

5 thoughts on “A no spend January?

  1. I can’t wait to grow enough veggies this year so that I can try a no spend month. Maybe I can do it during a summer month when there can be plenty of salads?? Im also going to have to look at how to preserve more foods to also cut down on wastage.
    Keep up the good work & look forward to reading your next blog x

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    1. Thank you for you comment 🙂 I can totally relate to that excitement! I hope to do the same. I’d plan on July and august for the biggest harvest as frosts are still around April and even May for me here in County Durham x


  2. It always surprises me how little you have to visit shops, going shopping becomes a habit and even if you pop out out for one thing you end up buying more, the world situation has severely lessened my shop visits and I still have money in my purse that has been there for just over a year, but online shopping has become a new habit so many gadgets out there .


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