2021!! We’re off.

We have so many plans for this year that I don’t know where to start! Lots of things are going on here on the smallholding at the moment, the year is off to a flying start.

It was my 40th just before Christmas and I was so fortunate to receive a Presto pressure canner from Steven. For those that don’t know, pressure canning is an established way of preserving food, making it shelf stable for many years to come (by the book it’s only 18 months but like jams and water bathing, we will be using as long as it looks and smells ok!). I’ve already done a trial run to get it set up and then followed up with a chicken stock. You can see how the unboxing and trail run went on YouTube if you’re thinking of going down this route yourself.

Now, you may have guess, we are really trying to make a go of creating our own YouTube channel which will be a video version of the blog! I suppose that is where the word vlog comes from! So if you are interested and able, please would you subscribe to our channel – it’s totally free and helps us in the long run. We would like to get to 1000 subscribers for YouTube to take us seriously and we are slowly building up!

I’ve also posted about the grocery challenge we are working on. We have filled our freezers and cupboards and have Β£950 in the pot for groceries this year. How long can we make it last! When the money is gone, it’s gone!

It won’t be replacing the blog, just working in conjunction with it!

Right now, I’m sat with the garden plan on my knee and figuring out how we will grow enough to feed ourselves this year and also put a years worth of veg in the freezer and shelves. There’s no stopping us!

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