Goodbye November, hello Jack Frost!

Can you believe November has been and gone? I can’t. December is a busy ole’ month here, I’m sure it is for you too. It’s actually my 40th birthday coming up and I’ve been so lucky to have been gifted a Mulberry bush. It’s in my greenhouse where I hope it stays safe over the winter. Any tips welcome? I know Tricia from Tarragon and Thyme said she lost hers, I hope the same doesn’t happen to this one. I love the idea of it growing with me, something to look back on and say I received it for my 40th, I’m soft like that!

This one is from Victoriana nurseries – I’ll keep you posted on how it fairs.

This weekend saw our first proper frost of the Autumn. It was beautiful, the air was so still and calming. It was a great start to the day until I went to check on the quail and found we’d lost yet another to predators. The perils of smallholding life, a constant battle to protect your young from predators, be it quail or cabbages! We won’t be beaten!

As is customary, we went to check on the animal’s water and the field water had frozen over. As is also customary, Jack enjoyed breaking it up to ensure the sheep could get a drink.

We had a little check on the mint that we moved to the garden in a big pot and it seems to be doing very well. I’m wanting to start making my own mint tea and dehydrating some. I’m not sure it’s the best time of year to do it, or if it even matters for mint. I’ll do a bit of research and give it a go.

Steven is working alternate Saturday’s now, so we are settling in to that new routine. He’s home mid afternoon so it’s not too bad although it obviously means he has less time for jobs around the smallholding. Not an issue at this time of the year and who knows what next year will bring, so we will watch this space! It does mean the kids and I are doing more together on the Saturday which I love. This weekend we made some paperchains and homemade Christmas decorations. Never too early in our house.

Annie was a little underwhelmed by it all and slept through 😉

So, goodbye November, it was a short one! Here’s to mince pies and bailey’s coffee December. Take care everyone!

5 thoughts on “Goodbye November, hello Jack Frost!

    1. Missed this Lou, thanks for stopping by as always. We lost a fair few of the quail but have just tried another way of keeping them out so fingers crossed the next batch will be luckier!


  1. Me again, hate phone typing some times. So cool that you can grow old with the Mulberry bush. Your mint pot looks amazing. I hope to have a bigger container of it this year after clearing it out the loo pan! So much fun making things with the boys. Paper chains for me are the eptiome of Christmas, good job Jack. Alf did a brilliant job refurbishing my JOY sign that I put outside the front door – it looks amazing now. Unfortunately my two are past wanting to make things with me..although Alf may still for one more year be wanting to do some arty/colouring for the season. Totally agree with the mince pies and Baileys, however can’t WAIT to make my first Snowball!xx

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  2. A mulberry bush! Someday I shall have some, but this is our first year in a new home 160 km north and 250 meters higher than my old house. Your mint is fabulous (isn’t mint always?) and quail! I never thought of quail? Do you sell them? Eat them? I want chickens, in fact I want pretty much what you do, to get a little more self sufficient every year, and out of debt. I am so glad I found your blog through Northsider, I really enjoyed reading it and will surely be back!


    1. Belated responses here – apologies!! I’ve been working on a few things and didn’t get notifications. Thank you for taking the time to comment, it’s really appreciated! Re the quail, we sell them, use their eggs and will also be using for meat in the future. Bless you, I wish you every luck on the self sufficient quest. I’m posting weekly in 2021 so I’d love to have you along for the ride! Thank you and take care, Tracy.


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