Look at these big birds

Some time ago, maybe 20 weeks now (I’m thinking in chicken dates here), we were given some eggs.  The guy giving them too us wasn’t sure if they were fertile or even if they were, may be too old to hatch.  He said if they hatched they’d do us well.
Fast forward 20 or so weeks and we have a bunch of happy, healthy & huge young Brahma hens and 2 cockerels.  
We gave one cockerel back to the guy who gave us them as typically he didn’t get a cockerel in his hatch.  That suited us well though, as we didn’t want 2 cockerels in the same place and he would be too big for our other birds!

They really are pretty birds and a feature of the smallholding that we didn’t plan, I’m really pleased.  They make my veg plot come alive.  The area they are in has turned to just hard ground now, so we need to feed them additional greens.  
Their coop will be too small soon! We will move them to an area bigger and with grass again and then the area they have been in will be great growing ground after they have been manuring it for me.  In the mean time, they are more than happy where they are 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone, we have a busy one planned here.  Lots of work in the veg plot but also continuing with the renovation of part of the farmhouse.  We will have a new bedroom and en-suite soon enough!! (Said with fingers and toes crossed!)

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