Monday nights are going to be a little different round here.

This week’s menu plan is up and running and you can access it here.  
Before I wrote it, I tidied out the smaller kitchen freezer last night as it’s becoming bare (which is a good thing as you can get organised).  I have a good amount of mince beef in there and some chicken pieces for the meat to keep us going.  
I’ve taken out a mince and onion pie filling to use the pastry I have in the fridge from this weekend’s quiche.  Also I have taken out what I think is fishcakes filling! Time will tell.  Also an English muffin that Ste can have with his breakfast.  Every now and again it’s worth taking a good few things out of the freezer otherwise it ends up full of items you don’t use.
The veg box was great this week, as always and I’ve included it’s contents in the menu plan page.  I’m starting to get in to a routine with the new way of life now.  
On a Friday morning the milkman brings our milk – 6 pints of semi, 1 pint of whole and 2 litres of cream (only size he has and freezes, goes in to loads of recipes).  

Also on a Friday we get the chicken pieces from my Mam’s chicken that she doesn’t use, as well as the carcass.  That goes in the freezer in a bag purely for carcasses as I’ve decided to start making batch amounts of stock every 6 weeks, to coincide with supermarket shopping, as I don’t always have the right things in to make the stock.  The pieces go in bags too, ready to use in bulk when we have enough.   I make a loaf of bread or buns on a Friday night for Saturday morning and/or lunch time.

The veg box comes on a Saturday, the shop’s last drop off I think, which is around 5:30 to 6pm.  As sad as this may sound, every week I get excited by its arrival! Not as excited as eating our own produce though!

Before that though, first thing on a Saturday after opening up is to make another loaf of bread for my parents, plus some scones which we have either for a snack or with lunch and again to share with my parents.  

We also give them veg from the garden in exchange for the chicken (not that they ever ask, it’s just nice to work like that).  Saturday sees me making quiche or soup for lunch which I am trying to double up on to have some spare in the freezer.  I do it early on the morning to make sure I have plenty of time outside during the day.  Saturday suppers are still work in progress, I wonder if taking something out of the freezer is best on a Saturday.  As the veg box arrives 5:30 onwards, I tend to plan the following weeks menu plan early evening on a Saturday so I could do that whilst making supper I guess.  We shall see.
Anyway – to the point of the post.  Here is out latest YouTube video, where Grace and I explain what we are going to start doing on Monday nights from now on.  

Those who have been here a while will remember I used to do Monday night preserves, which I shall be picking up again on a different day, but for now, Monday nights are dedicated to recreating Grandma’s wartime recipes.  I have 2 of her handwritten books, which I am busy working my way through, deciphering some of the words and deciding what we can recreate over the coming weeks and months.  I will update my blog from next week to reflect what we have done too.  I do hope this is something people can relate to and can enjoy watching our family recreate these special recipes.  
For now, I’m off to take a look around the veg plot – early June is such a busy time!
Stay safe everyone.

4 thoughts on “Monday nights are going to be a little different round here.

  1. I made the Crispys today (v. nice!) and easy to make too. I forgot to take a photo as got distracted, so will put them on my blog tomorrow. I also made the Naan dough and put it out in the sun to rise – that was just after breakfast. The day unfolded swiftly as I was bread-making etc and at 4 p.m. I suddenly came across a very stolid lump of dough under the clingfilm and that has become bin-fodder. Another attempt tomorrow.I was amused by the single mushroom in your veg box!! and can see someone making the boxes up and chucking mushrooms in boxes along a line of them . . .I agree with you about taking stuff out of the freezer – I have several bags of thick (winter!) soup in mine, and I know there are 3 tubs of \”Spicy Veg Stew\” which got put in there as I couldn't eat it all (made a vat of it) and which I am still reluctant to revisit!


  2. Haha I am so pleased it is not just me that does things like that! Frustrating isn't it but you just need to move on 🙂 haha yes re mushroom.Ohh I love a winter soup. Thing is, sometimes you put yourself off if you have too much of it and it stays in there for ages until you can face it again. Hope the cooking goes well.


  3. Hey chic. Those bits you find in the freezer get used up eventually don't they, although nothing is going to waste – never really waste food but it seems so important just now. So wish our milkman was able to deliver but don't see it happening. Might just double check with my Facebook support page and see if anybody else has managed to get a delivery. Those bread rolls look yum! I love pointy cabbage! Lovely video of you and Grace – her hair looks like it has gone curly, love it! Look forward to seeing the other recipes – will you be using powdered egg? Ha ha.xx


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