Rhubarb Cordial – Recipe

Ridiculously Rhubarby Cordial

One of my favourite seasonal recipes is from Pam Corbin’s preserves book and is for cordial, which during Spring and Summer has to be rhubarb based!  Mine is adapted a little.

Stage 1 
2kg rhubarb
300ml water
Stage 2
Output from stage 1
Granulated sugar (around 1kg)

Stage 1
Roughly chop your rhubarb, remember rhubarb leaves are poisonous if ingested so please dispose wisely.  We use ours as ground cover in the veg plot to help stop weeds.
Add your 2kg rhubarb and 300ml water a large pot and simmer until soft.  For me this is around 30 minutes.
Leave to cool slightly and then hang this and allow to drip overnight through a scalded muslin bag.
Stage 2
Next day, I make the residual liquid (usually around 1300ml) up to 1500ml using tap water.
To this I add up to 1kg sugar depending on how sweet we would like it, however work up from 500g to your preferred taste.
Simply warm the liquid and sugar, stirring until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Add to sterilised warm bottles and drink asap, though it will keep for a few months.
I never water bath it as we use it so quickly, however you can water bath immediately after bottling for longer term use.

Enjoy 🙂

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