Recipe links and a bit of home schooling

Happy Monday everyone!  We hope you are all safe and well.  The world is a strange place at the moment and it’s affecting everyone in different ways, so please try to keep smiling 🙂
I started writing this on Friday, so it’s started from then, which explains the recipe posts that have popped up since then 🙂 
Today I wanted to share with you my revived (and presently very limited) recipe page.  It should be at the top of the blog somewhere once it’s live.  Despite working in IT for a living, I have no clue when it comes to web site design.  
During this lockdown period I have been working from home which has allowed me more time in the house (instead of travelling to and from school and the office), so my mornings and evenings are somewhat more relaxed, yet busier if that makes any sense.  
I have been able to dedicate so much more time to one of my passions, cooking.  Now I do not claim to be good at it nor do I know the correct way to do everything.  That said, I think when you do something you enjoy, things generally come out well in life.  I have a file FULL of scribbles and ideas and it’s taking me longer and longer to find things when I want them as they’re literally things on the back of the proverbial fag pack!  Time to get organised and transfer them on to here as and when I can.
Therefore you’re going to start to see posts that are purely dedicated to recipes which I will then provide a link to (saves searching) in the Recipe page once it is all up and running.  Make sense?  It does to me, so fingers crossed.  I’m going to schedule these once a week o a Friday evening, so people know if they want new recipe ideas or to see what I have been making my family that week, that’s when they will be out, otherwise they know to ignore the posts as that’s when I will schedule them all for.  Is it sad I am excited about this!?
Additionally I want to start with seasonal recipes and have an area dedicated to that – I need to give that a bit more thought though.

In other news, these last couple of weeks has been a lot better for home schooling as I have relaxed things a bit although I have found that it really does have its ups and downs.  Last week ended on Friday with a no screen day until the afternoon.  For those who don’t know, the home schooling for us is all online, so the kids are generally sat in front of screens all day.  On Friday, after getting the kids up late (I was working from 8), we started with Maths and then did chores around the house and farm, moving on to a movie (yes it’s a screen but not like the concentration they have interacting with computers) and then a scavenger hunt.  I set them tasks to find, all fun and games and not to be taken seriously (see pic below). I think I was more excited with the hunt than they were 🙂  Ended up getting rained off a bit but it’s there for another day too.

Let’s see what this week brings – I’ll be updating again soon as need to sign off for now, take care everyone.


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