Beautiful bread (white) – recipe

Beautiful Bread

Makes 1 large loaf or 8 rolls. 
450g strong white bread flour 
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast
1 tbsp oil (I use sunflower)
320-350 ml tepid water

Grease of flour your loaf tin or baking sheet
Add flour and salt to mixing bowl (I use my stand mixer here)
Add yeast
Switch on mixer with dough setting to start combining ingredients, or stir.
Add oil and half of the water.
Once combined, add the remainder of the water, though do not let it go too wet (it’ll still work but it’s harder to handle)
Knead in a stand mixer for 5, by hand for 10 mins.
Turn on to a floured surface and cover with the bowl you’ve been mixing in.
Leave for up to an hour until double in size.
Knock back (I poke holes in it to deflate it)
Shape it and if using, move it to the bread tin to rise again or leave on a bread board as in the picture below.
You can cover with a plastic bag or tea towel whilst rising.
Leave for 30-40 mins until it’s a nice size to bake
Bake for 20/30 mins in moderate/hot oven.

With temperatures I have an Aga so I just bung it in hence my terminology 🙂


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