Finding a balance! Mum, wife, daughter, friend, smallholder, employee, nosy parker…..the list goes on

So as you may have noticed, the blog posts have been lacking!  For this I apologise, though bear with me as it’s only half an apology!  Firstly, thank you to the lovely people who have been in touch to say they miss reading our blog, it’s really helped me with the prioritising of things.
As the title suggests, this post is me finding a balance.  Me and my family.  We moved here on January 15, 2016 and we have loved every single day since, more and more as each day passes.  It’s not easy, I’m not going to pretend it is, but it is SO worthwhile.  This is the life we have dreamt of for years and years.
For one reason or another, mostly to do with the hats I wear per the title, I’ve not been able to keep up with the blog posts as much as I’d like to.  However I love doing it and want a record for our memories, as much as to hear from other people, so I’ve decided to be realistic and aim for 1 post a week.  The date and time, format and contents I don’t know yet, so again, please bear with me.
That’s why this post is only half an apology, as my every part of my life is a priority at some points and I don’t always get a say in that.  Family, friends, animals,  work – they are all there to make us smile and to test us!  Being flexible to that is hugely important.
We all get pulled in different directions and our journey isn’t just about us learning to be smallholders and moving towards a more self sufficient lifestyle, it’s about learning about ourselves along the way.  We’re not naive enough to think we can know everything, not now and not ever.  Some years we will come on leaps and bounds, others we will manage to maintain. 
So now, we find ourselves coming out of a long, horrible winter and just getting going here, yet it’s already June.  That’s ok though, we play the cards we’re dealt.
Today we are back from a much needed holiday.  We landed in Newcastle at 11:30 and were outside clearing the sheep muck off the land by 1pm. At 2pm, the Tesco delivery arrived that I had ordered when we were away.  By 3:30 we had a fox attack and by 4:30 were walking the dogs to follow the fox tracks.  So we can safely say we are fully back into the swing of things!  The fox has reduced our flock from 50 or 60 hens (including a cockerel) to 14.  I don’t mean to start the blog post on a sensitive note, but part of our plans in the coming weeks will be to figure out how to get the last hens under cover but still free ranging. 
There is SO much to do outside.  I’ll get a post together showing where we are with everything.  Things are growing well though, sweetcorn, sunflowers, courgettes, broad beans, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, spuds, salad leaves etc. 
Right, I’m off to make the packed lunches and get ready for a week of work.  Thank you all for sticking with us, it’s great to be back!!!

18 thoughts on “Finding a balance! Mum, wife, daughter, friend, smallholder, employee, nosy parker…..the list goes on

  1. Hey chic, and its wonderful to have you back here. That is such a heartfelt blog post and totally understandable in every way. I have to say I am delighted, and honored, you still find time to keep in touch with me the way you do.x The way of life we choose is not an easy route but, as you say, we wouldn't have it any other way. Jon and I were saying after this weekend how far we have come in 3 years so as they say \”I hear ya!\”. 1 post a week is enough for anybody but whatever you choose to do we are all keen to know how your journey will continue.xx


  2. Tracy life is hard enough with children growing up, everyone is always short of time, add the mix of doing the house up, plus animals, and land. You are giving your children a great childhood, our world is so fake and children from a young age are marketed to. We all love your post but understand all of the above comes first. I do hope within the mix you have time to be a wife and more importantly yourself. Xxx


  3. After being away for a holiday, I'm sorry to hear that the fox brought you back down with such a bump. We get a lot of foxes through so I keep my hens in runs now or I wouldn't have any left.Glad you are back with us : )


  4. what a bummer to lose all those chickens, we had two day time attacks a few weeks ago. my blogging has reduced dont know why I have plenty to say, lots going on I have just not been in a blogging frame of mind.


  5. Lovely of you to comment Marlene, I do love seeing your replies when you get time. Thanks for sticking with me and the lovely comment you left. Life's busy for all of us isn't it, and I think we are all able to relate. The kids are a huge part of this and your comments ring so true! Thank you again xx


  6. Most of our attacks are broad daylight now, they are very cunning. It's picking them off as and when they want them, like kids walking into a pantry full of treats! Hope to catch up with your blog very soon. Same here with loads going on, plenty to write about!


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