Doggy day

The 2 male dogs have been to the vets today for castration. They’re currently sleeping off the anaesthetic, laid next to Annie and Nettle. What a combination we have going on here. Annie is 5 months now and we can’t risk them catching her! We planned it for when I was on holiday, along with the sheep lambing and lots of other little jobs.

After I dropped them off at the vets I came home and got on with the horses, giving this little one some time out in the yard area where he found the wheelbarrow contents more interesting than the fresh air!

Rodney had some cuddles to settle him when he got home, talk about spoilt!

Annie and Nettle are wondering what all the fuss is about with these boys.

Rodney and Nettle are getting on pretty well too!

Tomorrow is a sowing morning again. Sweetcorn and courgette as a minimum. I’m really enjoying the time off. I don’t get to relax like people sometimes do when they’re on holiday, but I do find what I do relaxing. Perfect.

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