Brining the leg of pork and winter fun 

When the pigs went to slaughter early August, we filled the freezers to the brim. We made bacon which was nice, just not very big on the medallion (pigs were lean from their breed and free ranging).  I brined the topsides and thick flanks which we then cooked and used as ham. I also froze a leg ready to brine for Christmas. We had so much meat that I decided to hang fire and do it now for mid January when we can have it as a centre piece for a get together or just turn into slices.  We scored the skin and prepared the brine. We used the river cottage brine last time which was lovely. I added slightly less sugar this time, purely as I didn’t have enough.

Once ready I put it all into the wine bucket and put it outside on the step as we have cold enough weather at the moment. In fact, I’ll have to bring it in tonight as it’ll freeze!  This will stay in here for a couple of weeks, after which it’ll be ready to cook (or smoke?).

It’s snowed here today and this is the first proper snow we’ve had that has stuck around. The kids loved it and had a good time playing out before they got too cold and came to warm up in front of the Aga.

As we’re in the thick of winter, we’re having to find alternate methods to exercise the horses. Sometimes it is simply too slippy to ride out safely. Our parking area is all stones which doesn’t get slippy, so we put the horses in there to let them have a roam around whilst the fields are out of action.

Annie got to meet the sheep yesterday before the snow came. I got the impression she was telling them a story!

No time in the potting shed today. I have onions and cauliflower that I want to get in. I’m also putting the project list together for 2018. We’ve some big ideas! More about that soon tho.

6 thoughts on “Brining the leg of pork and winter fun 

  1. Well done sweetheart your leg of pork looks yum. I have a gammon still cooking at the moment in my preserving pan. It is a very large joint but it will not go to waste. I see Annie is making herself at home. She is gorgeous. I have severe puppy envy at the moment. I am going to have a go at pastrami and salami in the next few weeks. Have sent away for further supplies. Good idea for the horses. Better safe than sorry and at least it gives them a breather and a walk around. Time will come in the potting shed. January is usually the worst month if we have bad weather to come. My brother was born during one of the worst winters ever 61/62 when all the villages were cut off. He was born at home. Catch you soon and if don't get chance to message wish you and your family a very happy New Year. Love to you all. Tricia xx


  2. I would love to send you some of our snow. I've just come in from shovelling again and the news said we will get another 3 to 4\” inches tomorrow. Fortunately it is supposed to warm up after New Years, closer to zero. That will feel like heaven after so many days around the -30 mark.Your leg of pork looks like it is going to be delicious! Looking forward to hear all about your BIG plans for 2018. All the best for 2018!


  3. I replied to this last night but my new phone isn’t set up properly, so I hope this works. I trust you had a lovely Christmas? I’m catching up on blogs tonight so I will see 🙂 and I hope the salami goes well! I have never tried to do that so I will follow with interest. I love hearing about times gone by and how people managed, I think the winters we have now spoil us somewhat! Xx


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