Getting back on it

I’ve been looking forward to today, for many reasons. The madness has died down, I am off work and can enjoy my family and home life and we have another addition!
I woke up at 5 to the alarm as Ste was going to work and headed downstairs to let the dogs out for their morning ritual. Except today we have one more, meet Annie.

Our 8 week old bullmastiff. We picked her up late last night from a very reputable breeder and drove the 2+ hours home. She was a bit out of sorts due to inoculations and the car journey, however she had lots of cuddles and soon settled in to her new home on our Smallholding.

Back to this morning, after I’d sorted the dogs out, I got ready and took a moment to look out of the bedroom window. It was pitch black still but the moon was out, lighting up the field to the left. We had a frost again, giving everything a lovely shimmer. To the right, I can see the farm next to us in darkness apart from one soft glowing light, presumable where the farmer was working feeding his cattle. I always appreciate where we live, I love life here, it’s just been so hectic lately that I haven’t had enough time to stop and smell the coffee. This much needed time off is sorting that out.
The potting shed I told you about before, well it’s pretty much finished now.  Just the electrics to go in for the vitopod (propagator) that I got for my birthday. I’m going to set some onion seed away as soon as possible. My only worry is that it’s still so cold on a night and it can only increase the temperature 12c higher than what is outside.

Jack was lucky enough to get a ‘diy’ birdbox for Christmas which he has put together himself and asked if I would like it for my shed exterior. Who wouldn’t?!

The plant pots have all been moved from the greenhouse to the potting shed now so I am starting to get organised. I have my seeds to sort out as I’ve acquired too many. I will do an inventory of them and try to keep it up to date.
For now though, I’m going to get organised in the house as Christmas has been amazing but  has taken its toll! Also, we’ve been slacking on the self sufficiency front and we are fully concious of that so I tend to get back to basics and get our lives back with it starting now. Plan, plan, plan!!
All the ross cobs have now been processed, so we’re stocked up with chicken again. That and the pork will see us through to the spring when we’re getting the next round of ross cobs, pigs and hopefully lambs. We won’t over winter any ross cobs again. Learning from this year is to stock up in the summer. Freezers are your friend!!

12 thoughts on “Getting back on it

  1. Ah well Christmas is family time. Everyone deserves time off for good behaviour and to recharge and it looks and sounds as if you have all had a good time. I love little Annie she is gorgeous. I think she will fit in just fine. Time to get back into gear and start all over again. Take care and nice to see you back. Tricia x


  2. I know I'm retired but there is something about getting through Christmas and looking forward to the new year that recharges the batteries. I still haven't put the manure on the garden but it will be done this weekend for sure. Can't wait to start sowing.


  3. Love, love, love little Annie-who won't be little very long!!!lolI'll probably have my tree up for another week or so. I always say it was so much work to put it up that it's staying up for a while!


  4. Like the description of looking out of the bedroom window. Love that photo of Annie, sooo cute and looks to be settling in nicely as one of the family. Top marks to Jack for his birdhouse. Great to get organised in the potting shed! As ever I look forward to hearing about your plans for 2018, eeek!xx


  5. Very true. I'm enjoying doing what I want and having the relaxed family time. Annie is fitting in perfectly and so far is easy to manage. She won't stay small for long though, so no doubt we will soon have our hands full! I am gearing up for full steam ahead into 2018 and can't wait.


  6. There really is, isn't there? I feel like I am doing exactly that, recharging. I'm looking forward to clean eating and less to no alcohol kicking off 2018. Sowing is therapy, I love it!


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