Monday Night Preserves – Christmas Mincemeat

I make no apology that Christmas preserving is going to be top of the list for the next few posts.  It’s so exciting and with it only being our second Christmas here, we’re still developing new ways and traditions.

Yesterday was Stir Up Sunday and we made our Christmas Pudding which I posted about but I also made the sweet mincemeat, again something that I haven’t made before.  It smelt amazing!  I can’t believe how easy it was to make.  Thank you to Lou for spurring me on to do it, just by being her.

Last year I treat myself to Mary B’s Christmas recipe book, worth every penny I have to say and this is the recipe I followed. 

I used dark rum as I had it in the pantry and wouldn’t use it for anything else, so in it went.

I used fresh cranberries opposed to dry as stated in the recipe, which after a couple of frantic messages with Lou, I decided to follow the recipe regardless and just leave it in the simmering oven for a bit longer, to cook them through. 

I’m very pleased with the outcome, 4 good sized jars.  We’ll be making mince pies with this soon, so I hope it tastes nice.

Christmas is coming and I intend to enjoy every minute! 

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Preserves – Christmas Mincemeat

  1. Good on you I think you will get well and truly hooked. I know I am and it all started with a jar of pickled onions for me. Ginger beer and Apple pop are next on mt list as well as the pan de higo. And Oh you must make home made Turkish Delight Rose flavour and the Creme de menthe version. There is also an elderflower version. I also have some bottled Clementines and tangerines in syrup as well as curds to make. Keel up the good wirk and love your decorations xx


  2. The mincemeat looks absolutely yum! (So glad we can spur each other on through whatever we are getting up to!x) I heard Nigel Slater talking about a new Christmas/seasonal book yesterday but don't think I'll get it in time for this year. Bring on the decs!x


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