A weekend in pictures 

We have had the best weekend. We’re starting with the Christmas decorations which we love! This is our 2nd Christmas on the smallholding and we’re making more of our own decorations as well as the ones we already have. The kids have been busy stuffing orange slices with cloves and helping me with the Christmas pudding on Stir up Sunday, which many people already do each year, and I hope is going to be a tradition for us too.
Stir up Sunday is an old tradition which I think is lovely. It’s the last Sunday before Advent Sunday apparently. We’re not overly religious but I do like this. We all took a turn at stirring the mixture of which we had a good giggle to when I insisted we took photos for the blog.

Tomorrow I’m going to share the mincemeat recipe with you as part of Monday night preserves. I still owe a recipe for stock powder but that can follow at any point. I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend.

14 thoughts on “A weekend in pictures 

  1. Glad you getting into the swing of things. I have had a chaotic day as per the post I have not long put up. I just had to laugh! I always make my own mincemeat and the recipe I use is from my friend Bovey Belle which is an old farming recipe and some of the best I have tried. Glad to see you are involving the children it makes it so special for them and will be times that they remember as adults themselves. Some lovely photos there and that fire looks absolutely cozy. I love a proper fire. I was given a load of bay leaves the other day and have picked all the leaves off and they are drying between layers of kitchen roll as we speak. There is not enough to do a garland with but will top up the kitchen supply. They can also be ground and used in powder form. I am so glad you are enjoying and growing into your new life there is nothing quite like it.Take carePattypanx


  2. Missed stir up Sunday this year as a big family weekend…we did however get to eat the last homemade pudding from last year on Saturday evening which has been hunkered down in the back of the fridge all year…it was delicious! Love your decorations but hate having to dust under and or around them so will wait a little longer. x


  3. I read your update last night Tricia and laughed and cried along with you – I couldn't reply as my connection was poor but I will be back soon with one. Ooh I'll look on BB's blog or message her for the recipe as I do like to compare! The kids get involved whether they like it or not haha, though to be fair, they do like it so there's not much persuasion needed. I was pleased I managed to get a few decent photos as I feel like I've been lagging lately, with work being so busy. Thank you as always for following our journey. I'll be in touch soon as I need to check your address xx


  4. Haha well my theory re the decs is that Dec 1st is Friday and I'd like to be ready to do other things on Dec 1st so I wanted to get them started at least…….ahh who am I kidding, I just couldn't wait. Best of luck with your lad, I know that feeling well 🙂


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