The fox has been

The days are drawing in and the smallholding is going into its winter routine. Sadly we had a visit from the fox at dawn a day or 2 ago. It took one of my geese. A fully grown big bird. I’ve heard that foxes take geese but part of me never believed it. I was devastated. This goose would have been for the table yes, but we are ALL about a good life and a quick and humane end. This end was not nice and I felt so sorry for it.

RIP goose.

Also, we’re missing 3 ducks. However they are missing without a trace. We found the remains of the goose, so although in my heart I know it was the fox, I’m hoping that the ducks have found an appealing part of the river and have gone on an adventure.

This means we’re locking up as soon as it gets dark which is ridiculously early through winter. The geese are squatting in the sheep pen which is in the barn with the horses. We’ll figure out a permanent home for them before the sheep are to be housed. The geese do make me laugh, they are forever chatting to themselves. Also they randomly stretch their wings making every other goose duck down until the stretching session is over.

At the weekend, we visited my Uncles new place that he’s bought with his lovely wife. It’s on the way to Whitby and is beautiful, such a lot of potential. The kids had a blast helping out. I look forward to seeing what they grow there both edible and livestock wise. They aren’t sure yet as plan to travel too, so I’ll watch this space.

The kids had fun and so did Ste as he got to knock things down! 

Also I’m pleased to say my bunyards exhibition have germinated!! They are in the unheated greenhouse where they will stay until they are big enough to plant out.

I’ve got some sweet peas in now too, to see if they get a good start on next year. I’ll do more beans and peas in the spring too.

Finally I wanted to share with you how my Christmas present is coming on! Ste is making me a potting shed and I am ecstatic about it. How many 30 something yr old women would say that?

Also, we’re expecting another addition to the smallholding late December. More to follow ❤️

13 thoughts on “The fox has been

  1. The foxes are bad in our area this year. I've seen them in the afternoon haunting my chickens. One almost got one or two, but alas we saved them. Congrats on getting a potting shed. Yay!


  2. sorry to hear about the goose, all our poultry gets shut in now at 4pm its a long time indoors for them but I have lost too many in the past leaving them out later


  3. I'm sorry about the goose. We have a huge Hawks that occasionally flies over,he watches my hens. Last week he was out. My dogs sat by the hen house watching him. The roosters were making a racket.I think it's great your getting a potting shed for Christmas:)


  4. Sorry again about the goose, they really are gorgeous looking birds. I would DEFINITELY get excited about a potting shed, but you know me and I'm the far side of 40 something! Look forward to hearing about your uncle's new project. Love Whitby.x


  5. I take it your Uncle won't be 'in for Christmas' this year! Foxes ended up taking all our geese and ducks…in broad daylight…even my Jemima. I know they have to eat…but surely they don't have to come and kill everything in one go? x


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