Monday night preserves – stock from bones 

When our pigs went in August, we processed as much as possible at the time. We kept some bones back and I threw them in the deep freeze as I didn’t have time to process them all at the same time. I now need the freezer space! So although this isn’t a true seasonal preserve, it is to me.

I got the bones out on the way to work and left them to defrost (do bones defrost?) in the sink until I got home. There’s still some bits of meat on the bones which is perfect for making your own stock. I roasted them for 45 minutes on the floor of the roasting oven whilst I set about with some other tasks. It is supposed to improve the flavour.

They came out with a good colour on them.

I moved them to the huge stock pot which I picked up in Aldi a couple of years ago and then deglazed the roasting tin.

This was all added to the stock pot along with a few chopped carrots, 3 onions, celery, garlic bulb halved horizontally, a sprinkle of fennel seeds, a few peppercorns and some bay leaves. 

That’s to simmer for 5 hours or so. I’ll leave it overnight and then it can cool tomorrow when I’m at work.

When cool I’ll strain it through a muslin and freeze in portions (that will take up less space than the bones!). It will be used in any recipe that calls for chicken stock. With Christmas round the corner, that will be plenty!!

8 thoughts on “Monday night preserves – stock from bones 

  1. Lovely Post Tracy,Not enough people make their own stock these days. Used as a base for your own gravy it gives added depth and flavour to a meal. You can also freeze in ice cube trays for small amounts during the week. I also use the stock from a gammon, chicken and Chinese style chicken to make stock for soups and gravy. Getting as much as I can out of any meat or remnants. You can also do a veggie version out of veggie peelings.Catch you soon.Pattypanx


  2. I do that with cooked chicken carcases too. I pop them in a bag into the freezer until I have a few, then smash them up a bit with the rolling pin, put into the stock pot and make stock which is then frozen in portions for later risotto or soup.


  3. Martin is in charge of making our stock, we have bags of uncooked bones all labeled in the freezer, we also keep all cooked bones and when his bags get full he makes up a big pot of stock, all chicken carcasses get used as well as all fish heads shells etc to make a fish stock.


  4. That is a great looking pot! I think I remember my mum getting bones from the butcher when I was young to make stock. I always make chicken stock when we have a roast and have a good supply in the freezer. Nothing like your own.x


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