Monday night preserves – basil infused olive oil

I wouldn’t expect to be saying in October, almost November that I had basil growing in the greenhouse.  In fact, I’m pleased that I managed to grow any basil at all.  I’m having one of those realisation moments when I think about how far we have come.  We hadn’t successfully grown anything before we moved here and to think I am preserving regularly and enjoying meals from the veg plot is a really satisfying feeling.  Preserving in general is a great feeling for me, be it shop bought, gifted or grown items and I hope that even if just one person could be inspired to preserve as a result of these posts then that would be amazing.

The basil I grew are green and red.  The red one came free with the Grow Your Own magazine that I subscribe to which send seeds with each order.  I also grew standard green basil which just loves to grow and I plan to fill my window sills with it next year!

Tonight I started to tidy up the greenhouse and brought the basil indoors.  The kids picked the leaves off for me and they did a great job.  Grace washed the leaves and put them in the salad spinner for me.

I put both red and green in together so I hope they will work out.  I sterilised a jar and packed the leaves in.

Once full of basil leaves, I filled with olive oil and put some cling film under the screw top. 

It’s now on the preserving windowsill with the plum wine (which is going 2 different colours randomly).  It’ll stay here for 2 weeks before being strained and rebottled in time to go in the Christmas hampers.

A really quick, but hopefully tasty preserve.  I’ll use this to cook with and also as a salad dressing to remind me of long lost summer days 🙂

8 thoughts on “Monday night preserves – basil infused olive oil

  1. Looks very interesting! I love both olive oil and basil. I've always wanted to infuse oil, but I'm too much of a coward regarding bacteria etc. Do you leave any basil in the oil, or strain it all off when you bottle?


  2. Hiya, I know what you mean re worrying about bacteria but I figure this is the life I chose so I have to suck it up and try! Haha!According to the book I have you take it all out. I know you buy oils with it in but I'm not sure if they would be too strong or taste rancid? I'll decorate the bottles to show the herb inside it instead this time.


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