Monday night preserves – sweet chilli sauce

I remember Dawn posting about a sweet chilli sauce she makes so I checked in with her and she gave me a link. Thanks Dawn.

As it’s the season for chilli and I’m lucky enough to be getting lots, I picked the mild ones and made the recipe at the suggested quantity, to be sure we liked it.

I can’t believe how easy it is. I definitely won’t be buying sweet chilli sauce again.

It’s almost a ‘throw it all in’ recipe. Starting off with 2 chillis (deseeded), 3 cloves garlic, white vinegar, sugar and water in the food processor. 

I blitzed it a fair bit as my daughter loves sweet chilli sauce but not chunks of chillis. This was then poured into a pan.

Put into a high heat and when bubbling moved over to the simmering plate for 3-5 minutes.

I mixed a tbsp cornstarch with double the quantity of water and threw that in. Bubbled for another minute and then left to cool. 

I was literally jumping for joy as it can’t have taken more than 10 minutes in total and I now have a new recipe under my belt that is delicious and will be staying with us as a family go to. It’s great when we can share things like this on our blogs and other benefit. Keep it up Dawn, we’re all learning!

I’ve sourced a recipe to use up some more runner beans for next week’s preserves, which will hopefully keep well beyond winter. 

12 thoughts on “Monday night preserves – sweet chilli sauce

  1. Wowser, what an easy recipe and it looks fab chic. Where do you get cornstarch from or do I call it something else? I have my purple chillis but not sure how hot they are as would like to make sauce out of those. Any ideas please for those of you who have seen them; they don't seem to be changing colour and are a really good size.


  2. Sorry lou, I meant to mention this so thanks for bringing it up. I used corn flour which I think is the same thing for thickening. It worked either way lol. Purple will be their colou for yours I bet and if freeze them while until you know what to do as you can then cook from frozen xx


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