Fun at the country fair

Saturday started something like this.

We spent time together early morning getting the kids models ready for the country show we were going to. Our first time we’ve ever been to one was last year when we came 3rd in the pumpkin class.

This year we went into the same class and look what happened!!

We were so pleased! We then went on to get 2nd place for the below items too which we are over the moon about.

The kids models came 3rd and highly commended which is simply great as they did them in their own.

Then today I made a Sunday roast for our family and grandparents.  All home grown except the broccoli which is a very satisfying feeling. 

So just a quick update for today as it’s late and I’m ready to put my feet up for an hour before bed! H

18 thoughts on “Fun at the country fair

  1. Well done Tracy you have done good. Am so chuffed for you and the kidlets. Now it was really worth all that hard effort. You have now passed and so no need for the \”L\” Plates anymore.Pattypanxxx


  2. Great fun to start the youngsters off on a fun section, well done on all the placings, it's always nice to see your produce being placed, not that the way it looks affects how they all taste.


  3. Thank you Tricia, you don't know how much you made me smile saying that. I know it's all about the growing of the food to eat but I really enjoyed this side of things as did the whole family. Of course all produce will be eaten , nothing will be wasted xx


  4. Thank you! I think this is the only local one to us but I am not sure. They aren't the easiest to find on the internet for some reason. I hope one raises its head for you soon, close to home for you. Take care


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