Being ruthless

September lends itself to thoughts of the next season growing. As the days grow cooler and shorter, my thoughts turn to the greenhouse and polytunnel and how we can keep things going in there for as long as possible. Hopefully some items will go right through to next year. In all honesty, I am not as prepared as I had visioned I would be back in the New Year when I was planning for 2017. The year seems to have flown by and sometimes the days are just getting away from me. 

What am I doing about that then. Firstly, it’s time to sort the greenhouse out. Any tomato plants that were questionable have gone. All the yellow leaves on the other plants stripped and any leaves below the fruit taken off too. In some instances, the fruit is all that is left and it’s being left to ripen and then the plant will go.


The chilli and pepper plants have had a tidy out, dead leaves removed and those that seemed to need it have gone into the bigger pots now the tomatoes have freed up some space. The temperature here went down to 10c last night which isn’t ideal for peppers or chillis from what I’ve read. 

I’ve got the seedlings doing well and they are in the back of the greenhouse which gets closed up after an hour or so of airing.

The piquant peppers Dawn sent me at Christmas have come up lovely and are starting to colour up. I picked my first along with lots of different varieties.

Grace turned part of the barn in to an art studio  whilst Ste was making a new fence and I was in the greenhouse.

We finally got round to turning the temporary fence in front of the polytunnel into a picket fence . To buy ready made was very expensive so Ste bought the wood and cut it himself. I’m really pleased with how it looks. We’re getting there with this area. More to do but one day at a time.

This fence separates the growing area and keeps the chickens out. After a hard days graft I’m pleased with the outcome. We took our onions into hang and had a home grown tea. All in all, a great weekend.

7 thoughts on “Being ruthless

  1. Love your onions they look fantastic. Like you my thoughts are turning to what I could put in the greenhouse over winter, what can I start extra early for next year? I think its going to be spinach, lettuce and a carrot experiment.


  2. Damn, just lost my comment! Love this post. I need to sort the Poly House but our weather is just so wet and windy at the moment I am just doing the necessary right now and not much else. Your piquant peppers look fab. Mine are still green but growing well. Good spot there, Grace! Picket fence looks lovely, too. I am starting to look at the coming months soon.xx


  3. Thanks Tania, it's actually a lot easier than I expected to tie them up neatly but it's very rewarding to look at. I'm looking forward to catching up to see what you decide to try. Every year is an experiment isn't it?


  4. Thanks for taking the time to post even after losing a comment. That's so frustrating isn't it? Yes I know it's early but I want to try and be ahead of the game which includes being ready for winter xx


  5. This week i am doing some clearing out of the poly tunnels and some planting up, one of the tunnels is having a re vamp this winter so it needs to be cleared out.


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