September seed status and the finished picalilli 

Steven went through a cupboard tonight that hadn’t been looked into since we moved in!! Anyway it’s nice and tidy now and a couple of things that were in there are now up around the Aga. The fork and spoon is from Ste’s Gran’s house when she was alive. The clock is from our old kitchen. 

What do you think?

I also wanted to give you an update of what seedlings I have growing. Please bear in mind that these are trials as I want to know what I can grow through the autumn and winter and what I can make use of the polytunnel for.

There’s the different calabrese that claimed they could be late planting.

Different lettuce and perpetual spinach varieties. These will be for the polytunnel.

More winter salad varieties and the cauliflower that simply won’t germinate well.

Cut and come again salad varieties, Kale and pak choi I think here.

There’s some other seedlings that are outside that I didn’t photograph that are ready to go in the ground so that’s a job for the weekend.

I managed to get the picalilli done tonight. I never knew you didn’t cook the veg, or if you do I missed that step! Another month and I’ll taste the first jar. I’ll make some more in the mean time now I know how easy it is.

I’m going to invest in a label printer I think, to give the jars a professional finish. 

Today’s been a long day at work but we got out for a nice walk with the dogs as a family and I had an hour in the kitchen so I can’t complain.

11 thoughts on “September seed status and the finished picalilli 

  1. Brill, looking good. I always keep pickles, chutneys etc. for six weeks before trying them to let them mature on the shelf. However I have to hide the picallili as OH is rather partial to it and if he got his mitts on it there would be none left for Christmas. The things we do to keep things in the pantry. Your clock and the forks look good around the cooker. Take care.Pattypanx


  2. Loving the clock. Funny when you come across a box like that! I have never made picalili, not sure I can even spell it! Can't wait to get on with my chutney and add to the cellar shelves.x


  3. Ooops, so taken with the preserving I forgot to comment on the seedlings. You have loads on the go, well done. I always think my Poly House should work the same way as a Poly Tunnel, just because, but am afraid that if i get lots of seeds started that they won't prosper in their and and my work will be wasted?


  4. I think it'll work exactly the same. I plan on giving extra protection in the polytunnel too in the darkest of days and if it doesn't work, I know for next year but if it does then great!!


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