September is here

What a beautiful start to September. The weather has been glorious here in north east England. It was chilly until about 8:30/9 and then warmed up. It was lovely to see the sun each time I looked out and to feel it on my back when I stole an out outside at lunch time.

The weekend is here, the soup is on for tomorrow’s lunch. This is the first time I’ve made tomato soup so I hope it turns out well.

As it’s getting cooler on a night, I am going to start closing up the polytunnel doors and windows when I lock the animals up. Eventually the doors will remain closed again except to let some air through but not yet.

This weekend we have the usual smallholding jobs to do: clean the animals out, hoe the veg beds (notice the hoe instead of weed!), harvest anything that’s ready, preserve what we can, start the next project and in the house I need to cook and bake for the week ahead plus the usual chores.

We’ve got family visiting as usual so we’ll take breaks to spend time with them as and when they arrive. 

I wanted to share with you something my daughter drew…

She was with me when I was drawing up the plan of the veg area but she didn’t comment. It’s obviously sticking with her which pleases me.

I can’t figure out how to rotate the photos on my phone. Finally I though I’d share with you a tired but cheeky pony. Since being in the field for the summer he’s looking unkept but he’s happy! 

Have a great weekend and enjoy every moment. I’m off for a glass of vino and to relax for the evening. After making pizzas and walking the dogs that is.

4 thoughts on “September is here

  1. Great plans and art work from daughter. There is always work to do. I was thinking we need to do some decorating throughout October when hubby is back to 2 days a week. Re: photos. When you press on the photo for you get a line of symbols underneath. If so press the pencil/ pen symbol. Then you see a rotating symbol, you will either have to drag the photo round or tap it to turn in 45 degree turns. Hope it works for you. Don't forget to press done then save.


  2. It's funny Tania as sometimes ste will say he's got nothing to be getting on with and I give him a sideways look then he always manages to make himself busy. Lol! Thanks for the photo tips, I'll take a look x


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