Sick of the sight of cabbage

I noticed yesterday that it’s now dark when we get up at 5:15, something that’s happened whilst we’ve been off. The nights too are lengthening. It’s dark well before 9 now so we’re locking up earlier. It does mean that we’re getting chance to go to bed earlier some nights though. The nights are cooler now too but the days are staying warm with some decent sunlight. 

However it’s also the time of year where there’s a steady pace of all fruit and veg. Now I didn’t think I’d complain but when you mix up your brassica planting and end up with a shed load of cabbages only, you can very easily get sick of the sight of them! 

Tonight I blanched and froze 20 individual bags of cabbage all ready for when they’re needed. It’ll be a while before I use them as I never want to see a white cabbage again! I have the feeling I’ll be saying that about the plums soon! 

Plum wine started tonight, I’ll share more on that in my Monday preserving post.

In the mean time, our 3 wellsummer hens seem to have started a little club of their own as the 3 of them have started going to bed in another empty coop all on their own. Funny girls.

I also wanted to mention that I’m really pleased with the service from the aga cook shop online.  I bought some chefs pads a few months ago and when they disintegrated after their first wash, they replaced them with a different set that I asked for. So I’m now the proud owner of 2 new dog themes chef pads and a happy customer.

14 thoughts on “Sick of the sight of cabbage

  1. I could eat white cabbage 'til it comes out of my ears!!😂On a preserving note, have you ever made Sauerkraut? I buy the large jars of it as I love that as well and use it like chutney or other pickles. (I've never made it myself though).


  2. I'm sick of cabbage and green beans. Our cellar is almost full but saving room for tomaotes, sweet potatoes and apple juice. Of course we hope the white potatoes do well too so that bin in the cellar will be full again. I still have peppers and corn but they will go in the freezer as will applesauce. Days are shorter but still lots to do. The pads are adorable!


  3. I love cabbage. I make coleslaw with out mayonaise and put lemon juice on it I love it. Stuffed cabbage, fried cabbage. saurkraut yum. yep I love cabbage


  4. Hi chic. Sorry, I was a bit pushed to comment yesterday. I feel your pain with the cabbage. I only had three to do and that was bad enough, didn't last long in the freezer though as we ate it before we went on holiday as part of not spending lots on food.


  5. No worries lou, just as and when. Lovely to see comments any time 😀 I might actually try some tomorrow if we end up eating at home after the christening. I am curious to see how it holds up after being in the freezer xx


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