End of the summer holidays

Rodney is like my shadow. He follows me round, lays near me and watches me work. I’ll miss him and Buster when I go back to work tomorrow. As I did my evening chores he was sat in his favourite place in front of the Aga watching me. I had to snap a photo of him as it reminded me of the Aga cartoons that you see. All it needed was a pair of wellies.

We’ve had a lovely last day off together as a family. We went to pick some more blackberries but unfortunately they’ve turned over and are no good now. I’m not sure if any more will come on those bushes.

However, we did see some elderberries that finally ripened and it reminded us that we need to bottle last years elderberry wine. Steven did that whilst I made tea.

We’ll keep the elderberry wine for a couple of years as that’s when it’s supposed to be best. The other is this years rhubarb wine and that will be drank on Fridays and Saturdays now we’re back to work. No alcohol during the week. 

Now a job we wanted to do asap was to prune the plum trees as you’re supposed to do them but the end of august. We were cutting it fine. Now these trees haven’t been pruned for quite some time, so there was a bit to do which we’ll do this year and next. The good news is the tree was laden with plums.

Ste got the loppers and set to work.

Now…. what to do with 3 million plums. This is only half of them!!

I’ll let you know what I decide to do but pleased shout up with any ideas and proven recipes!

So back to it now, Monday night preserves will start next week. This week I’ve managed to menu plan, shop to the plan which wasn’t a lot as we’ve got so much produce of our own (yey), prepare tea in advance for a couple of nights and get the clothes and lunches ready for the week. 

Alarm set for 5:15 as normal. I’m going to struggle to sleep tonight, always do the night before the start of a new week but here we are.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday. 

14 thoughts on “End of the summer holidays

  1. Plum Vodka, Plum Jelly especially with Victoria Plums (which yours look as though they are). The jelly can also be used as a base for a stir fry. Plum jam, plum and apple jam, Chinese Stir Fry sauce (plum) yell if you need a recipe. Plum wine, My Nan used to make this and it was one of her mainstays. The fruit goes into a secondary ferment\\tion which is quite nice as it makes it fizzy, bottled plums in syrup. You do not need a canner for this and can water bath these on the top of the stove. I have done some for turning into Victorian Style Sugar Plums coated in sugar for Christmas sweetmeats. But if done in syrup you can also drain and use in pies and crumbles or as they are with ice cream. Once drained they can also be used in cakes. Fruit leathers. Puree and put in the freezer can be used to fill little pies. Plum Chutney. You could also do a hedgepick jam and add the plums although not strictly wild they are seasonal, compote of said fruits in syrup. and if you can get damson or bullace you could add those too. Damsons make a lovely jam especially with the addition of orange. Yell if you need any recipes and will email them. Tricia x


  2. Gosh, everyone has it sewn up!! Victoria Plums make a very good wine – my mum used to make it and it was lovely. I'm still on my first (young) tree so it is just eating them as they ripen at the moment, but the other tree (Czar?) is getting there so I may have to Do Something Else with that crop.


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